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    Blueberry wine

    Hi Northwoods, Blueberry is most definitely not the fruit wine you want to start on. Blueberry is highly acidic so you'll be needing to keep a close track of the ph. I've also read that there is a specific chemical in blueberries that hinders fermentation. It's a bugger of a wine to make from...
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    Weird scum on top of fruit in primary fermenter

    Pioneer, if you could post a photo that would help. Otherwise I'd say just stir it all back in and cover it with a cloth.
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    Blueberry Wine HELP - Stuck Ferm or NOT?

    That's so interesting. I'd be curious to know why some blueberries are so problematic and others aren't. Are there different types? Climate variation perhaps?
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    Hello from Alaska

    Hi, I'm from Australia, summer is nigh here, big season coming up. I imagine you might have temperature issues in autumnal Alaska?
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    Blueberry Wine HELP - Stuck Ferm or NOT?

    Blueberry has got to be the trickiest fruit wine of all. Not only the acidity but a chemical that retards fermentation that seems variable in relation to the region and perhaps ripeness of the fruit. If you search this forum alone you'll find multiple threads asking questions about blueberry...
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    Clearing Previously Bottled Wine

    Lots of great advice above, all i'd add is that it sounds like you have a nice batch of homemade wine to drink. Does it really need to be perfect? If so, maybe concentrate on the next one being perfect? If its drinkable, its not a failure. I get we all want to make great wine, but, its silly to...
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    Pears are cheap

    Walking passed a local grocer knocking off big unripe eating pears for 80cents a kg. Spontaneously bought 15 kgs. Ripened them up for 3-4 days, chopped them into pieces and tipped them into a big bucket. Added 8 liters of water, pectin enzyme, yeast nutrient, 3 kg sugar and k-meta. Next day...
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    A little success

    Good for you Bodenski. I've enjoyed your posts, learned some stuff from them. Keep it going. You know all that delicious drink you've now made will soon enough be gone. Back to the boiler for you, mate.
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    White spots..

    Dont suppose you could upload a photo?
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    Why not mash or juice the fruit?????

    I've made, maybe a hundred, batches from freshly picked wild blackberries, as the OP questioned, and i reckon its good to gently mash the fruit and add boiling, or near boiling, water and also k-meta once its cooled a bit. (i dont use a fruit bag for fresh blackberries) The big question is...
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    Easy quick recipes?

    Yeah, for short turn arounds plastic is fine but you have to degass properly thoroughly and use the chems and clearing additives in carefully measured quantities otherwise you can get stuck with a batch that either doesnt clear or is fizzy and bottling is not at all desirable when a batch is...
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    Easy quick recipes?

    Yep, Dragons Blood is the go mate. One month if everything is done right. Although going from bucket to bottle would be a challenge in my opinion. For me its roughly 2 weeks in bucket then two weeks in carboy(s), then bottle. You have to degas, at the very least.
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    reassure me with my blackberry wine!

    I love Blackberry wine, i reckon it makes the best red wine style grapeless beverage out there. Sounds to me like the OP process is ok but you need that hydrometer. Dont know about you Nth American folk but down here in southern Australia we go out into the mountains pick bucket loads of wild...
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    Sulfite free wine (the making of)

    If you keep everything clean and drink the wine within a few months of making i think its highly unlikely you'll have a problem. I made a batch of DB without additives and it was fine but also entirely consumed 6-7 weeks after pitching yeast. (1g batch) Having said that, i normally always use...
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    Dragons blood sulfur smell

    The activity is probably c02. You might consider some serious degassing if you want to bottle in the next month or two. It'll also help it to clear. Did you add bentonite?
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    Dragons blood sulfur smell

    I think you may be over thinking it. I don't read too much into the changing smells of a db batch although i've only ever used ec-1118 so maybe there's a difference. Anyway, your ferment sounds like its gone well. Don't rush it or worry too much, it sounds like a super fast ferment so no sweat...
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    New to real fruit wines...smell

    It may start to slow down once it gets under 1.020 or so. A recent batch of cherry went from 1.120 to 1.090 in 24 hours and then to 1.040 after 4 days. It then took another 10 days to reach dry. So, from my experience, i'd say it's normal.
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    What was the wine that presented the most challenges?

    I only make fruit wine and of the fruits, blueberry. Good thread
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    Stuck/ slow blueberry wine

    I'd try to warm it close to 80F for a bit. Maybe a tiny bit of nutrient, a good stir? If you're worried about infection you could put into glass and airlock without adding sorbate, keep it in a warm place, it may finish off in a week or two? Also, not sure adding acid to straight blueberry is...
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    Why not bottle cloudy wine?

    I use bentonite too, big fan. But it works better on some fruits than others, from my experience anyway.