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    You Think Birds are a problem?

    Nope, sorry still illegal to shoot them, know that very well. In the back country no one cares but NEVER pull that in the wine lands, you will have the hippies on your *** in minutes!
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    Primary fermentation: Airlock or no airlock?

    Cant say for kit wines, never done one and probaly never will. The oxygen that desovles in your must when crushing the grapes is most of the times enough for the yeast. Only add O2 if ferm starts to lag. Also dep1ends on the style of wine making, like chardonnay(oxidative) can turn out awesome...
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    If the wine has finished malolactic ferm. or has received good amount of K-meta, just plug the air trap hole up. if nothing fermenting its just an danger area for bacterial contamination. If its stil fermenting or just has a lot of sugar or lees left DONT. Unless youre a fan of pipe bombs.
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    WineXpert a question on de-gassing....

    Degassed a 40 000 liter tank this weekend, we use a machine to get the exact amount present. You will stil get the poof sound around 0.8 g/l desolved CO2 (DCO) at 1.2g/l witch is textbook perfect for white wines (0.9 for red) there is a lot of 'POOF" . DCO is very important for the freshness...
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    WineXpert a question on de-gassing....

    Testing desolved CO2 by putting your thumb on a bottle and shaking it would be to harsh a measurement. You dont want to strip the wine of all co2 else it wil be flat and lifeless. If you are gonna do a strong red id suggest degassing in the future on a white wine you can have a lot of fizz...
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    WineXpert Adding glycerin to kit wine

    I would suggest you do a trial first on small volume, then taste it to find the right amount, You cant take it out after adding to mutch.