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    New to Wine Making - Kit Recommendations

    I second this! CC Amarone (18L): i have made numerous times (over several years), consistent quality, excellent body.
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    When to back sweeten?

    In my experience the sediment will give your wine an "off" smell depending on how much lies at the bottom and for how long. I would recommend to transfer the wine so you leave the sediment behind. The decision to transfer or not will depend on how much sediment and how long you want leave it to...
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    @joeswine, can you explain elaborate? I have found concentrates are very very light in body, and bouquet & I have had some as 3 years old with still very light in body and taste. I'm intrigued....
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    Quick and easy sparkling wine?

    I read somewhere the pressure can be 3 times that of your car tires!! So, if you have 33 psi on a car tire, your bottles can be as high as 99 psi... Food for thought (Danger too, wear glasses and gloves when handling the bottles).
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    Has any one added spices to red wine kits (concentrate)? If so, which ones and in what concentration/quantity? I am curious as I started a kit and added whole coffee beans (about 5 tbsp), black pepper corns (about 2 tbsp), dried red hot peppers (2 whole ones), and two fresh red peppers (sliced...
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    Primary fermentation stuck?

    Some gentle stirring at daily intervals is now recommended sometimes... If there is fizzing then your yeast is (slowly) acting and that is a good sign. You will help bring the sugars into suspension, and some yeast particles up again if you stir once a day for the next couple of days.
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    Degassing in a carboy....

    It has happened to me a couple of times. This happens because the fermentation is not over. You do need to wait until very little or no bubbling is going to the surface of the must, then you need to transfer the wine to a second carboy, or if you don't have a second one, use the primary...