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    oxidized(?) Pear wine

    Hey well this is said to be illegal in some idea but may be its very harsh in taste
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    Adding sorbate the next day?

    Well i have not done it yet but read it somewhere that you can do it one should do it every 4-5 months ,it will not harm
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    Nasturtium wine ?anyone??

    Well i had never ever in my life heard about it,but its good that now i know something about it
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    chlorinated water

    Well the chlorine gets the gas out and it dissipates out of the tap water in 2-3 hours.Keeping chlorinated water for 24 hours does make the difference.
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    How much do you drink?

    Well once in a week i take my drink but if i am in depression or any kind of stress then i can take it twice a week or may be thrice