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    Strawberry Wine Question

    I always transfer to glass secondary after 5 days and the SG is always around 1020 to 1030, obviously depending on my original starting number. Over the coming months it drifts down to 1000, all being well of course
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    First batch of strawberry, need some help.

    I think you are pretty much on track. I've made 2 batches of Strawberry both turned out well. Though the first had the same issue you have experienced bit thin on taste and a not great colour. The second batch I topped up with a syrup I made from dried rose petals this improved the colour...
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    Help me with ideas on Banana-Peach wine...

    Hi Steve, I'm going to start a Peach/Banana next month and found a Jack Keller recipe here I was going to use this as a base and maybe add some caramelised or burnt honey, having read some interesting posts in the mead...
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    Degassing dry cherry wine

    I've only degassed one of my wines since starting a year ago. All the others have just been left to their own devices. The only reason I degassed one of my Pear recipes was that after 6 months it just wasn't clearing. I had tried all the usual tricks when someone suggested degassing. It soon...
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    "Filtering" sediment in cherry wine after fermentation

    I started a Cherry wine 24th June, 3 gallons worth. Transferred to gallon demi-johns after 5 days and there also seemed to be a lot of sediment, 3 inches on the bottom of each. It has started to compact down though. Maybe its just the nature of Cherries. When I do a first rack probably late...
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    A beautiful Sunday

    Great post. Yep, its great to see the world coming back to life.
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    Mixed Berry Melomel

    Think you're right it seems to have no distinct or discernable flavour. It reminds me of Vimto. So maybe I should now call it Vimto mead! haha! But we'll see. I'll post some pics tomorrow
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    Mixed Berry Melomel

    Hi, Sorry I haven't replied , work seems to have taken over my life but last night shift for a bit and a few days off due. It all worked out fine, SG was 1080 in the end which may be a bit low but we shall see. Think I will stick to one or may two fruits next time unless this batch blows me...
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    Strawberry wine yeast

    I went with Champagne yeast Lalvin EC118, it fermented well and whilst its not ready to bottle yet it tastes pretty good. I figured strawberry and champagne is a classic combo! Redstar Cote de Blanc might be another way to go, more experienced members should be able to shed more light on that...
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    pre-wine making questions

    Oh and on looking back the advice from D J above is excellent in regards to making 750ml more for a top up. Wish I had known this at the time but have done something similar for all my wines since
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    pre-wine making questions

    Hi, Pear was the first wine I made also from a tree in the garden. I made 2 batches from different recipes, first a CJJ Berry recipe and then another with raisins added. The first has turned out by far the best and whilst initially there was little pear to distinguish it from other...
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    Hi From Almost Heaven!

    Welcome, I'm new as well and there are plenty of us. Everyone is helpful and enthusiastic. So we appear to be in good hands Just posted my latest attempt in the Mead section a Mixed Berry Melomel, awaiting feedback so this should give you a good indicator of what a good bunch the...
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    Mixed Berry Melomel

    Hi All, Just started a Mixed Berry Melomel, details below. This was adapted from a Blueberry Melomel recipe posted here way back in 2006 and looked fantastic and I believe tasted as good as it looked. The thread can be found -...
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    Hello from Liverpool UK

    John (Kitchen Brewer) I'm up in Crosby L23
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    Hello from Liverpool UK

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome I'm going to started a mixed berry mead next week and all being good I will post some updates in the forum
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    Hello from Liverpool UK

    Bill, I managed to get 8 gallons from the huge pear tree in the garden. 4 gallons to the CJJ Berry recipe and another 4 followed a recipe from
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    Hello from Liverpool UK

    Hello from Liverpool UK That's two 'from Liverpool's' in the last 3 days so must be something in the air. Started making wine from my pear tree in the garden 6 months ago and rapidly becoming addicted. Tasted the first batch of 3 pear wines (different recipes) today and its very good to my...