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    brain fart

    ok got it started, added twice as much yeast as called for and it is percolating slowly but it is percolating. maybe a month from now I might have a passable wine, I guess I will find out.
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    brain fart

    thanks I'll give that a try and see how it does
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    brain fart

    Hello everyone, haven't posted in a while, but I have a question. I am making a 3 gallons of wine from some wild Muscadines, and I had a brain fart and added potassium sorbate to the juice instead of a campden tablet. Have I ruined my wine or can I wait and add more yeast?
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    All In One Wine Pump Giveaway !!

    I demand a recount!!!! Congrats Mgmarty
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    never oaked before need advice

    Ok same question as above, still very cloudy, very small amount of dead yeast on the bottom, unoaked wine clear and beautiful, don't understand it.
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    Anyone use a long hose for moving their wine?

    just seems like it would be a lot of trouble to keep clean, I would be paranoid it would infect my wine with something and 50+ gallons would be a big chance to take, just my opinion.
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    My first wine ever!

    Good question, I have pondered this myself, I don't usually degass, I bulk age and let it happen over time so I can't help you but I am looking forward to the answers you get incase I try degassing in the future.
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    never oaked before need advice

    I have a question for the more learned than myself. I split the batch and the unoaked batch is clearing nicely probably be ready to do a final rack and back sweeten in the next week or so, but the oaked batch hasn't started to clear at all, still very cloudy with no sediment on the bottom it has...
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    All In One Wine Pump Giveaway !!

    It's mine, My precious come to me my precious!!! Lol Good luck everyone......A HEX ON YOU ALL ::
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    All In One Wine Pump Giveaway !!

    liked shared commented and entered, FINGERS CROSSED
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    never oaked before need advice

    ok I split the batch, still fermenting slowly, and I wanted to get it off the lees that were building up. I have 3oz of my home made white oak in one 1.5 gallon and left the other gallon to finish without oak. It's been cooking for 27 days now so fermentation should be about over (forgot to take...
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    True Blood

    yeah I agree, I like to use fresh everything in my wine if possible, but that many lemons would be more work than I think the reward would be worth lol
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    Sigh, after it was all said and done I ended up with 1 bottle and a pint jar, the worst part is I bragged about how great it was coming along and had 3 bottles promised to people, so now I must decide who to give my 1 bottle to,or if I hide it in my closet and swear it all went down the drain...
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    banana/pineapple wine

    This sounds great, how did it turn out? And in the directions it says 1.5c W, & 1.5c sugar, what is the W?
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    To open or not to open old bottle of wine

    WELL HECK, I was really looking forward to hearing how this turned out #disappointed
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    add water or not

    I have a curiosity question. This wine is almost done fermenting 21+ days, still bubbling slowly so haven't checked the SG yet. I noticed that there is close to an inch of dead/live yeast in the bottom of my fermenter. I have never seen that much yeast build up during fermentation. I did add...
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    What fruit or berry plant can grow good in zone 8A?

    I have read that dwarf cherry trees thrive in zone 8 and a also bore worm resistant, you can get them in sweet or tart, I am partial to tart myself but to each there own, and I love tart cherry wine, one of the best fruit wines out there IMHO.
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    Berry wine infected?

    I always freeze my extra berry juice, I have had it mold in the fridge in just a couple days, so keeping it in a jug not refrigerated is really a bad ideal IMHO if your going to add it to your fermentation. Just my 2 cents, but i only make berry or juice wines, so i do have some experience with...
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    I am sick, I made a bone head mistake last night, I was racking my Afelwen into my bottling bucket, got a nice slow siphon going and got distracted by my 6 yr old so went to run his bath, came back and the hose had jumped out of the bucket and all but about 2 bottles of my awesome apple wine...
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    True Blood

    I am planning to make this in the very near future, could anyone give me a close approximation on how many lemons it would take to get 24 oz of fresh lemon juice, and if I would need more/less of fresh over bottled?