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    Retirement VS working

    My husband and I moved around for work every so often. We made friends and then moved away. We bought a retirement home during the last housing crisis and then work remotely from there before it became popular with covid. We retired the year before covid. During covid we realized how precious...
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    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    One of the commercial wine makers in my making club told me to wait till the cap fell. If I did not have time to press that day, then add frozen water bottles, cover my brute with saran wrap and put outside at night (we live near Seattle area).
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    Higher Ph wine

    You can also add Bactiless which will help the spoilage issues. For next year, I conducted the following for acid additions to the must. It worked fairly well.
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    Wanted Budget wine maker in need of bottles (Seattle)

    I belong to a wine & beer making club that meets near federal way once a month. Someone has contacted the club to sell thier wine making equipment and bottles. You can contact Leanne to get the contact information on the seller. I also saw a truckload of used...
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    How to manage tannins

    Thank you very helpful. I did not know that fining agents also helped with tannins. I also like the long handled spoon idea. Much easier than ranking off before pressing.
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    How to manage tannins

    Last fall I got the last minute opportunity to purchase some Merlot grapes from Red Mountain AVA if I picked up the grapes that day. Needless to say I had no plan or research. The grapes were in very good shape and fully ripe with brown stems good taste. My batch has finished MLF. The smell...
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    Homemade Crusher

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    Homemade Crusher

    I would like to build a similar stand and have a few questions that I am hoping you can answer 1) How tall are the support are the stand legs? 2) How far down from the top of the legs are the front and back supports for the angled bin supports?
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    Introducing the South Sound Winemakers Guild…

    I am interested in bulk purchases. However, I am a little farther away from Olympia so not sure how much I could attend a lot of monthly meetings or have much equipment to share. But if this is ok, I am interested