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  1. Darkroom


    Maybe more of a temporary graffiti, but I like the message!
  2. Darkroom

    How much do you engage others?

    I have been producing wine since 1979, by myself. In 2000 I moved to a and invited some friends to help with bottling. They all left that evening saying they wanted to make their own batches. I told them to sober up and think it over. Fast forward 20+ years, and these 4 guys are still involved...
  3. Darkroom

    Naming your wine idea!

    Sometimes I use the grape name but like to play with names, including music references. Ravishing Ruby (Tom T Hall) Italian Blend. Spanish Moon (Little Feat) Spanish Blend Recently I made a FWK Bourdeaux, and decided on "French Pretender"
  4. Darkroom

    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Too far from your heart to kill you
  5. Darkroom

    I left my cork screw at a neighbors

    This tool was given to me from friends. We nicknamed him penis boy but he has a defect. His member separates from his body. when trying to remove from the cork. Not very useful but a nice conversation piece. My go to however is a waiter's corkscrew.
  6. Darkroom

    WineXpert extending time of white kit in primary bucket

    They were started by a friend, his 1st batches He wanted to be involved in all steps. but now he won't be back till Monday.
  7. Darkroom

    WineXpert extending time of white kit in primary bucket

    I have 2 Wine Expert Sauvignon Blanc in primary buckets with lid and fermentation lock attached. They were started 13 days ago and SG 0.998. Would there be any issues leaving in primary bucket for another 6 days?
  8. Darkroom

    For Sale Grapes for sale in SW ohio

    Thanks, sorry I missed them
  9. Darkroom

    For Sale Grapes for sale in SW ohio

    Johnact2 This variety intrigues me. I would be interested in150 lbs. The last several years I have purchased grapes from Collinwood in Cleveland. I am located in Cincinnati area so a shorter drive. Please let me know when they are closer to harvest to confirm. Thanks, Darkroom
  10. Darkroom

    Grape Sellers in USA

    I have purchased from them the last 2 years, 7-8 lug orders. The grapes were of good quality. Customer Service is lacking. They deal in volume and that's their business. I am considering LP this year. Any opinion of their grapes?
  11. Darkroom

    What are you listening to tonight...

    I am finishing my poker playlist for tomorrow. Found the band recently Kursaal Flyers, and ended up including 3 songs of theirs. this is from the song Little Does She Know "She was sharing her spin dry with a guy in a tie-dye, when she saw my reflection in the chrome. I knew that she'd seen me...
  12. Darkroom

    Post a photo, any photo

  13. Darkroom

    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    I was referring to my reluctance to simply trash them, no rules against that. I look at them and think they will come in handy but yet they continue to multiply. I don't use Rumpke for garbage, they charge more and then an additional fee for recycling., we contract Best Way service, no recycling...
  14. Darkroom

    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    I have the same problem with the coolers I can't trash them but very seldom can find a use for them. I do appreciate using alternatives to Styrofoam whenever possible. At least it isn't a box of peanuts with static electricity as one vendor uses
  15. Darkroom

    Perhaps the ugliest car tag redesign in the nation has another possible woe

    Ohio introduced a new license plate several months back. After introduction it was realized the plane was flying into the banner instead pulling it. They have corrected it before release but after starting production
  16. Darkroom

    Ohio Bob is a new member

    Welcome @Ohio Bob. I made my 1st Blackberry Port in 2005. We have had BB Port in stock since. I am in Cincinnati area. What part of Ohio are you in?
  17. Darkroom

    Did you order a RJS 2021 restricted Nero D'Avola?

    Thanks, that’s what I figured. Yes, SHB, 2nd time they did this to me, delayed delivery with no real response.
  18. Darkroom

    Did you order a RJS 2021 restricted Nero D'Avola?

    yes I've called them. evasive answers, "they are getting orders, but not sure when mine will be in" Customer service is lacking. Probably last time I will order from them. I was trying to confirm if it was a issue with the supplier or RJS, the distributor.
  19. Darkroom

    Did you order a RJS 2021 restricted Nero D'Avola?

    I ordered the RJS 2021 Nero D'Avola restricted, it was scheduled for release in April. I have not received mine yet. I'm wondering if anybody have received their order yet?
  20. Darkroom

    Finer Wine Kit Finer Wine Kits

    I am picking up 2 Chile juice buckets tomorrow and waiting on 2 RJS kits that should be in next week. But, I always refer to it as my hobby not my addiction! And yes more carboys!