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    So how much alcohol is REALLY in my wine?

    Agree with the above: If the OG contains nonfermentables it makes sense that they would show up in the final SG, therefore, the reduction in SG would be from fermentable sugars and represent approximate alcohol production and account for not all fermentations completing at a SG less than 1.0.
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    Long time wine lovers, first time winemakers

    Welcome, lots of good people here
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    Racoon breaching electric fence netting

    I test the strength of the discharge by taking a short piece of electric fence wire and sticking it in the ground, then with insulated pliers I will bring the wire close to the charged wire at the patch and look for a spark. Should jump about 1/4 inch, then I know that I don't have the charged...
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    Racoon breaching electric fence netting

    I raise sweet corn on the farm, inorder to protect it I run an electric fence wire about 3-4 inches from the ground, another electric wire about 6 inches above that, and a third electric fence wire at the top of the post. The two bottom wires keep out the raccoons, and the top wire keeps out...
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    MoreWine! wine making manuals

    I started reading thru the manuals also, was looking for a place that pulled the whole process together. Thank you.
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    Using a Food Mill for Fruit Processing

    When you make apple wine do you leave the skin on? If you were to use a mill would you add some skins back?
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    Other FWK Frutta Blackberry and Strawberry

    @winemaker81 it appears that I have degassed enough then. I will be out of town for a couple weeks so the wine will sit undisturbed. Hope I did not pull out too much CO2.
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    Other FWK Frutta Blackberry and Strawberry

    My strawberry wine kit does not appear to be clearing so I decided to keep it in longer term bulk storage. I needed to top up the carboy a little so I purchased a bottle of commercial strawberry and added a dose of K-meta and stirred it in, a significant amount of CO2 came out of solution...
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    Other FWK Frutta Blackberry and Strawberry

    Jovimaple, my strawberry looks to be close in color to what you have pictured, did it appear fairly dark in the carboy. Looked at my notes and pitched the yeast on 4/22. Winemaker81, Not sure when to bottle but was thinking that if nothing has settled by the end of July I will go ahead and...
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    Other FWK Frutta Blackberry and Strawberry

    I racked the strawberry yesterday, it still seemed dark, however, it appeared very clear in the glass. A light behind the carboy stayed very focused, my expectations for a lighter color of the wine may have been off. Taste is very good. A small amount of carbon was on the bottom of the carboy...
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    Other FWK Frutta Blackberry and Strawberry

    Thanks for the suggestion, I will start adding the clarifying agents by that process.
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    Other FWK Frutta Blackberry and Strawberry

    I started the strawberry approximately 2+ months abo and followed the instructions exactly as written. Wine was not clarifying so last week I used a hand pump and pulled out a significant amount of CO2 with vacuum. I won't be home for a week or so to see if it has started clarifying. I added...
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    New member mead maker.

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    Hello to all from NJ

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    new menber

    Starting with kits can teach a lot about making wine if you haven't made it before
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    Hello from Central Texas

    welcome, lots of information and good people here
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    Other FWK - Oh SO Strawberry

    Started the kit and added the carbon as instructed. The aroma from the must is really nice, the yeast is starting to take off.
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    Other FWK - Oh SO Strawberry

    I received the strawberry wine kit also and it came with the carbon packet. Instructions are for Tavola White Wines. Guessing that we are to add the carbon for a lighter colored wine, but I am not certain what to do either. Bob