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  1. Spencerthebuilder

    WineXpert Bottling first kit ever, SO2 question

    Yes, but i thought I read it was actually the acidic vapor that created the inhospitipal environment. ie. burning the sulfer wick for oak barrels, or the nasty kmeta vapors.
  2. Spencerthebuilder

    WineXpert Bottling first kit ever, SO2 question

    Hmm. "Apply to the surface"... Indicates surface washing, as in an open air scenario. Is there a difference if used in a non open air scenario as the inside of a bottle or carboy where the vapors can concentrate?
  3. Spencerthebuilder

    Extending the life of oak spirals?

    Spirals are cheap enough, but often using what is on hand is the choice. If you have, and can run a chop saw.. cut them into cubes or slices to expose fresh wood. The square inches of fresh surface might be 2/3 of the original. Roasting would also sanitize...
  4. Spencerthebuilder

    FWK Forte or Juice pail w/ a lug of Lodi grape?

    Very fortunate to have a good supplier in Providence. Im not set up to process several boxes of grape. 1 box of Merlot took 2 hours to strip, then crush with a Kitchenaid mixmaster and dough hook. Slow, but very effective. Made a nice must slurry. No cutting of the seeds. 1/3 Floated on...
  5. Spencerthebuilder

    FWK Forte or Juice pail w/ a lug of Lodi grape?

    Calling it EM, but it's really just missing the first racking by a week due to scheduling or other non hobby commitments. As I can taste the difference, i now do better.
  6. Spencerthebuilder

    FWK Forte or Juice pail w/ a lug of Lodi grape?

    Different varieties so no side by side is possible. So far most batches have been good. A slight oxidation taste in some as I suspect I've a tendency to leave it under the towl too long as I try EM. FWK is more predictable, but half the fun is in the making, experimenting and learning. The...
  7. Spencerthebuilder

    FWK Forte or Juice pail w/ a lug of Lodi grape?

    Fall harvest is soon arriving on the east coast. I've done a FWK Super Tuscan with skins and found it an excellent product. I'm fortunate to have a good juice pail and fruit supplier locally. I'm told the pails are acid balanced, and are still chilled when I get them. This is my usual...
  8. Spencerthebuilder

    100L Speidel feedback?

    I keep a tank of Nitrogen for HVAC work, but many here say inerts quickly dissipate unless in a tightly sealed container. Lots of chance to lose a batch.
  9. Spencerthebuilder

    100L Speidel feedback?

    I've a question if you don't mind balaton. The cap on the Speidel looks to be about 7 or 8". Great to get a hand or arm into the container. But I always fill the glass carboys up into the neck to minimize headspace. At 7", this is 10x the surface area or funtional headspace. Not a problem...
  10. Spencerthebuilder

    Juice bucket mixed results

    Picking up 2 pails of Chilean juice at my local supplier tomorrow. Planning on adding a lug of CabSav between the buckets. Destemming by hand. Has anyone tried using a Kitchen Aid or comparable higher end countertop mixer to do the crushing? Easy clean up and i don't have a crusher. FWK...
  11. Spencerthebuilder

    So I have 500lbs of apple.....

    Quick question.. Doing 4 gallons of preservative free cider. Fermenting nicely with some QA 23. Does cider benefit from extended aging? I'd like to degas and bottle for Thanksgiving gifts
  12. Spencerthebuilder

    Crush day at Crushday's...

    My sympathies Crush, that outcome simply blows. Looking at the picture, IMO it was just a matter of time. In simplest terms, the base was far too narrow. Then the wheels eliminated any aid from friction. think of riding a unicycle on ice... For stability, the inturned wheels must be...
  13. Spencerthebuilder

    Carboy Handle

    Very nice crates. As an alternative for the drying, may i suggest drilling holes half way up the sides of the Baltic. Insert 2 removable dowls across the box to support the inverted Carboy. Drill just high enough so the spout is not touching the bottom. Just an idea..
  14. Spencerthebuilder

    All-In-One Vaccum-pump man

    Interesting. I've never noticed that screw tops are thinner. So the consensus is never, or at least use caution corking/uncorking a screw top. I've aquired several cases of screw tops and had just assumed I would cork them. Thanks! The group saved me several broken bottles and maybe an...
  15. Spencerthebuilder

    Corn Sugar -v- Cane

    Fermcalc is great
  16. Spencerthebuilder

    Speidel / Fermonster / Big Mouth Bubbler...

    Best of thanks! you've just given me permission to be more relaxed and enjoy more of the summer
  17. Spencerthebuilder

    Speidel / Fermonster / Big Mouth Bubbler...

    Gil- at what point do you stop agitating and whetting the skins? Once they've sunk I'm guessing. I was being cautious not to agitate the lees, but it seems mixing them back it is not so much an issue. I thought the whole point of a conical fermenter was to remove the lees. Are they...
  18. Spencerthebuilder

    Speidel / Fermonster / Big Mouth Bubbler...

    Thankb You for the thorough and lengthy reply. Ive been taking it to dry+ a day or two with my towel. The sages here say as the CO2 is heavier it remains as a blanket unless disturbed. I live in fear of letting it sit on the lees too long Am I wrong that that's a primary error?
  19. Spencerthebuilder

    Speidel / Fermonster / Big Mouth Bubbler...

    Considering adding a 30L Speidel as they seem slick, but have a question. My buckets and a towel work just fine for fermentation. If I have the skins, I'd like to do an extended maceration, but the wine must be racked from the gross lees first, so what's the point? And while sealed and...
  20. Spencerthebuilder

    Carpenter bees.

    Mine love the cedar trim around my shop doors. As i'm working, their buzzing gives them away. Simple solutions... I keep a tennis racket next to the doorway. They're big and hover as they check you out. The racket is very effective.