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    Back sweetening

    I understand fermentation but hadn’t thought that all the way through. Adding sugar will increase ABV but not add sweetness since the yeast consumes the sugar. Thanks for that reminder. I don’t understand how back sweetening can be done without lowering ABV. You are replacing some volume of the...
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    Back sweetening

    My wife and I did our first wine making with a Riesling kit. It went very well and turned out great. After clarification stage was over we gave it a try. Despite adding the sweetner supplied with the kit during the last rack I called it off dry. I could deal with it but needed to be semi-sweet...
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    Another New Member

    Hi All, New to the forum and new to wine making. My wife and I just finished our first wine making endeavor and it turned out very well. A semi-sweet Riesling and we really do love it. Her family has made Riesling in Germany on a small scale for a very long time. We hope to visit again next year...