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  1. Smok1

    RJ Spagnols Winemaker's Trio White

    Yeah my sweetner pack was small, 125ml i think
  2. Smok1

    RJ Spagnols Winemaker's Trio White

    I added the sweetner pack, it didnt change the sg much at all, the sweetner pack was tiny, sg changed from 0.992-0.993 and that might even be pushing it, its quite tart and acidic right now, hopefully comes around by summer when i want a white wine
  3. Smok1

    RJS RQ18

    First of the 2018 Restricted Quantity RJS limited edition kits arrived today. Australia Shiraz Viognier 18L Came with: 2 packs genuine winery dried grape skins Nice labels French oak powder Benonite Hungarian oak cubes(which ill be swapping for french oak) Standard clearing agents (chitosan and...
  4. Smok1

    Blending different mlfed wines

    are there any reservations blending wines which have gone through mlf using different mlb. Half were vp41, the other half was viniflora oneos. All have completed and i want to top off by blending.
  5. Smok1

    Yeast Nutrients

    Nice, id definitly be adding nutrients to juice.
  6. Smok1

    New Recipe

    Rc212 has a high nutrient demand, i add full dose of fermaid k, half at the beginning and half at 9 brix drop, and then a half dose of fermaid o at 1.02, its abv tolerance is only 14% so you might want to feed it some nutrients if you want this to go dry. Rc212 will give off an h2s smell when it...
  7. Smok1

    Yeast Nutrients

    Yeah i just used some 71b-1122 in some high acid must, it finished well with some nutrients. Are you doing a kit or grapes? 71b will metabolize 30% of the malic acid, kits are balanced before you open it. Not sure id recommend 71b for a kit, youll be changing the balanced must, i only use 71b if...
  8. Smok1

    Yeast Nutrients

    I always use yeast nutrient, fermaid k and fermaid o in grape wine. And i swap out the ec1118 that the kits come with for rc212 (for reds) which is a bit of a nutrient hog, so i always add a bit of fermaid k at the begining and some fermaid o near the end. In kits when ive ised the ec1118 you...
  9. Smok1

    Beginner needs some advice (Few Questions)

    I use a vacuum pump to degas while racking over 9-12 months, however i did but the metal wand for the drill, it works pretty good, stirring with the spoon never quite worked for me, maybe i just dont have the patience
  10. Smok1

    tankless water heater for winery

    Well if you can get one for $1200 with a vent kit and your knowledgable enough to install it yourself and troubleshoot it if it has issues id say its a no brainer, buy the tankless. For the majority of the people out there id say taking on a tankless install would be a job you would definitly...
  11. Smok1

    tankless water heater for winery

    Thats great, like i said for some people there great, you must use a whole lot of hot water to save 1200$ in 7 years, and like i said people who use a ton of hot water might benefit from the tankless, like i said, family of 6 or more, most people dont use that amount, national average is 41 gal...
  12. Smok1

    tankless water heater for winery

    One more thing about the money savings your getting using a tankless water heater is you can find with a quick google search online that the average savings on natiral gas is about $108 a year. Weve done some math of our own using firing rates and found it actually less than that unless you use...
  13. Smok1

    tankless water heater for winery

    Hot water on demand in larger houses are a big issue when the unit is mounted in the basement and the there a bathroom on the third floor, we always install recirc lines in the houses, the times we havent we have 100% of the time got complaints that it takes forever to get hot water to the...
  14. Smok1

    tankless water heater for winery

    Not sure if the wholesalers are the same canada to usa but: Emco: bradford white Ba robinson: rheem Sinclair or andrew sherets: john wood
  15. Smok1

    Other Rose

    We did that kit, came out at 12.5% tastes ok for a 12liter kit for a rose if thats your thing, not sure why you still have sediment floating around after 42 days, possibly stirred some up after reracking maybe? All the white/rose kits weve done have cleared perfectly after using the kietsol...
  16. Smok1

    tankless water heater for winery

    We ussually use copper and solder but pex is fine too, i wouldnt use shark bites if it were my tank because there prone to leaking but there are an approved fitting
  17. Smok1

    tankless water heater for winery

    We typically would install rheem or john wood as thats what most wholesalers carry and the replacement parts are decent brand names and easy to find and not expensive.
  18. Smok1

    tankless water heater for winery

    Our company installs tankless water heaters and i can say from a service tech standpoint they are a pita, first the heat exhangers need to be flushed once a year, water quality come into play alot with a tankless, if your water is suseptable to scale buildup plan on flushing every year second...
  19. Smok1

    How to age in 1 liter barrel

    A one liter barrel? I want one, id turn it into a big wine mug :)
  20. Smok1

    Other A Kit Worth Waiting For???

    You should try the cc showcase aramone, we did some tasting flights last night Le16 grenache cab Le16 cab franc Rjs ep australian shiraz Rjs ep cab sav Cc showcase aramone The aramone is definitly on another level than the rest of these kits. Im least impressed with the le16s but there...