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  1. BettyJ

    Sparkling wine challenge

    OK, I am a doofus and ordered carbonation tablets (I thought they would add carbonation - always learning, eh?) and a trial pack of fizzies. I used the lemon with my cocoplum wine (which tastes like cranberry). So I started my "tests" yesterday. Will do my sampling in one week. Wade...
  2. BettyJ

    Sparkling wine challenge

    ingredients This is interesting chemistry experiment:
  3. BettyJ

    Sparkling wine challenge

    Hi guys - haven't been on the forum in a bit as I have gotten caught up making liqueurs and spirits in addition to fruit wines. In any case, I continue to research the easiest, cheapest, safest way to add a little sparkle to my wines and stumbled upon the fizzies tablets. If you didn't mind...
  4. BettyJ

    Wine from Sea Grapes

    yes, I have about 5 lbs of fruit and juice so far - many of the grapes are still green, so hope I will be able to do a 5 gallon batch. Tom, I can't recall the official name, but the trees are seagrape trees with seagrape leaves and grow in beach/coastal areas. It is common to make wine and...
  5. BettyJ

    Wine from Sea Grapes

    This is the only recipe I can find online, but it may need tweaking a bit.... (especially the part where the camden tab is added with the yeast?). Any suggestions? The flesh of the grape is very limited and there is a large seed in each grape, so boiling the grapes may be needed, but I...
  6. BettyJ

    Mango wine

    Wow - that is great to hear, Mark. We are in Belize and had given up on the Mango wine. My first batch was delish (but only 1 gallon). Since then, I have had problems and gave up on Mango. I will have to give it another go :) Did you leave the skin on? I have never had the nerve to try...
  7. BettyJ

    racked from secondary??

    It looks a little low to me - I would just top it with a similar wine or water to get it up to the bottom of the neck.
  8. BettyJ

    DIY Filter - Advice?

    Did I mention I am drinking my port from > 1 yr ago. there are chunks in the bottom, but the flavor is crazy good :)
  9. BettyJ

    DIY Filter - Advice?

    Dear Luc I'm with you - have tried filtering machines (hand pumped), but I think the best is just time.... I do use clarifying agents on some that are stubborn to clear. Hate the sediment that sometimes builds up (even after 2 yrs or so), so I tell everyone that fruit wines need to be...
  10. BettyJ

    getting to the pit of things

    I make wine from a fruit called natal plum. They are very tart - like a cranberry. I use a ratio of 1/3 bananas with 2/3 plums. This helps balance the acidity and yeast love the bananas. I de-pit and freeze all of the fruit as this helps extract the most juice. I usually keep the fruit in...
  11. BettyJ

    Pineapple wine

    After much experimenting I use a ratio of the following: 1/3 amount pineapple, 1/3 limes (zest and juice) and 1/3 bananas (frozen first). I basically just combine standard (found on this forum) recipes of the above 3 fruits. This is the best white wine I have made thus far! The...
  12. BettyJ

    Sea Grapes

    Ok, I am anxious to get my hands on a big batch of these little guys. They are green at the moment. I have friends that are reserving their trees for me, with the promise of wine in their future :) Has anyone else on the board ever made sea grape wine? The grapes are quite small and have a...
  13. BettyJ

    racked from secondary??

    Have you de-gassed the wine? I make a lot of fruit wines and find that most don't need too much, but then again I am in a much warmer climate (Belize). Usually just the rackings, stirring up, clarifying agents, etc does the trick for me. Well, except for the red wine concentrates, which...
  14. BettyJ

    Home done clearing agents

    I thought about cat litter, but who knows? I have tried the egg whites, but it didn't really work very well for me (probably a user error).
  15. BettyJ

    Cork leaking

    What type of corker are you using? You also may have excess gas / renewed fermentation in the wine, which is pushing the cork out. Did you back-sweeten the wine? If so, did you use sorbate? Using shrink wrap toppers will help to secure the cork. But I usually don't apply or turn my wine...
  16. BettyJ

    wine thief / white stuff floating in my wine?

    OK - I just racked everything and added sulfite (I had filtered out the white specks yesterday), so cross your fingers for me! Thanks to all for your support and guidance :) XXOO
  17. BettyJ

    wine thief / white stuff floating in my wine?

    Hey Allie - thanks for asking! We did just fine during Tropical Storm Alex - just some strong winds and rain, but we got to practice our hurricane preparedness, so all is good :)
  18. BettyJ

    wine thief / white stuff floating in my wine?

    You guys are cracking me up! The carboy was in a cooler with no evidence of leaking so I guess I have to face the facts, eh? It is maddening that someone would contaminate my wine this way :( Sulfite it is! So, Wade, the white specks are from oxidation? I have never seen that before...
  19. BettyJ

    wine thief / white stuff floating in my wine?

    Ok, I am thinking that someone has been breaking into my wine, so before I confront my housekeeper, can someone help me troubleshoot? 1. My pineapple riesling / 5 gal carboy (6 months age with rubber bung) was low in volume since my last check over 6 weeks ago - by almost 1 gallon! The...
  20. BettyJ

    We are off to Florida

    I have had to move / relocate my wine a couple of times and this is what has worked best for me. You might consider placing clean plastic baggies rinsed with K-meta secured rubber bands over or underneath the bungs as well for extra protection for the wine and your vehicle. If there is a...