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  1. AkTom

    Show Us Your Pets

  2. AkTom

    Post a photo, any photo

  3. AkTom

    Post a photo, any photo

    I I stepped into the warehouse (plumbing supplies) saw this box, and thought Wine kit!
  4. AkTom

    Flower wine?

    I racked again. Same off flavor. I sweetened with some fireweed honey. I didn’t try it. There was about 1/2 cup left in the carboy. I added a few drops of Torani mango syrup. Ohhhh!!! Very nice! Next weekend I’ll see how the wine sweetened wit honey tastes.
  5. AkTom

    Flower wine?

    Ok , not so soon on the update... I used way too many flowers. Still in a carboy. Taste a bit off. Maybe a bit card boardy. Hopefully not oxygenated. I plan on sweetening with some fireweed honey. Should bottle soonish. I’m not in a hurry. Cheers
  6. AkTom


    What do you get if you put a leash on a pig? Pulled pork!
  7. AkTom

    Xanthan Gum

    Doooo eet! And let us know.
  8. AkTom

    Live dangerously.

    Did you hear about the wedding? It was so beautiful, everyone was crying . Even the cake was in tiers.
  9. AkTom

    Flower wine?

    Well, I winged it. It’s fermenting. I’ll update soon.
  10. AkTom

    Flower wine?

    I picked today. I have about 4 gallons of loosely packed petals. I’m going to get it started tonight.
  11. AkTom

    Flower wine?

    Here is some of the fireweed I’ll be using.
  12. AkTom

    Flower wine?

    What is the best practical way to make a flower petal wine? It has rained, so they are freshly “rinsed”. I’m thinking about making a tea, cooling, adding Campden tabs, the next day, sugar and yeast.
  13. AkTom

    Post a photo, any photo

  14. AkTom

    How Long Can I Store My Beer?

    I ferment 2 weeks (more or less), transfer to a bottling bucket with a bit of priming sugar, bottle, wait 2 weeks, and start drinking. Have you made beer before?
  15. AkTom

    Post a photo, any photo

    A friend of mine modeling a shirt from her sister’s shop.
  16. AkTom

    Greetings Wine Making Enthusiasts

    Welcome. I wish I lived next door to you.
  17. AkTom

    Hallelujah wine lovers!

    Hi and welcome.
  18. AkTom

    Hi folks

    Hello. Welcome.