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  1. Dragon Slayer

    Just checking in

    I hope you are right. Current trends seem to support that notion. :b
  2. Dragon Slayer

    Just checking in

    I meant to include a link to our facebook page where are pictures of the ongoing construction...
  3. Dragon Slayer

    Just checking in

    Wow! I guess it has been awhile since I was on this forum. I just got a system generated email that said it has been awhile so I thought I'd check in. I have gotten so busy with the business and management side of things I just don't seem to have time or inspiration to come visit the forums...
  4. Dragon Slayer

    American Mead Makers Association

    The second issue of the American Mead Maker newsletter is out. Find it here on our webpage.
  5. Dragon Slayer


    This is what I use as well. Create and edit graphics in Photoshop then use the label feature in MS Word to create labels based on Avery templates. I order my labels from (the white gloss ones) and print using an HP 1500 color laserjet. Comes out to about 12c per label.
  6. Dragon Slayer

    American Mead Makers Association

    This is the email that was sent out to the industry a few days ago. It is my great honor and privilege to announce the First Annual American Mead Makers Association Business Meeting to be held in conjunction with the Mazer Cup International Mead Competition. We will meet on the afternoon...
  7. Dragon Slayer

    Yeast Chart for Lalvin and Red Star

    Here is a yeast chart I have been working on that covers most of the wine yeasts out there. It has some blanks because I either haven't used that yeast yet or have not been able to get the data from the company. The color coding is for my own use. Feel free to share anything you think would make...
  8. Dragon Slayer

    sorry, profession wine info please

    Awesome choice Gewurtz is one of my favorite commercial wines. Some people say I am biased because I live down the road from Ste. Michelle Winery, but they make the absolute best Gewurtztraminer. I always keep a few bottles in my cellar. I know this is several months later. Hope you came up...
  9. Dragon Slayer

    Raspberry Melomel

    My post was intended to be in jest. Apologies if I offended. :( Some humor is hard to convey in this format. I will endeavor to be more obvious in the future. Please don't let my comments ruin your day. Never been reported before. Cool.
  10. Dragon Slayer

    Raspberry Melomel

    What is with the guys on all these boards. Everywhere I go they say, "My wife won't let me..." :rolleyes: My wife and I have an arrangement. She doesn't tell me how to make wine and I don't tell her how to clean the house.:eek:
  11. Dragon Slayer

    Acid test kit

    Been a while since anyone posted to this string, but I thought I'd pass on an online conversion website I like to use for pretty much everything.
  12. Dragon Slayer

    Anybody picking fruit?

    I don't know about y'all down there in the deep south but up here in the Pacific Northwest we're still waiting for Global Warming to kick in. The blackberries haven't even bloomed yet. Although the grapes I temporarily put in a pot on the patio until the grape arbor is built have grown out...
  13. Dragon Slayer

    Software help

    In my office tha's a quarter to the Cuss Jar! I will check out your software tomorrow. For now it is past my bedtime. Before I go I wanted to share a log I have been developing. It's pretty basic for now. Manyana!
  14. Dragon Slayer

    Confused about degassing.

    One of the best things I ever did was subscribe to WineMaker Magazine The current issue (not yet available on line) has an article called "10 Tips for Country Winemaking." Tip #10 is called "Degas Early." It suggests that saturated CO2 can effect your TA reading as...
  15. Dragon Slayer

    Greetings from the Pacific Northwest

    My name is Chris and I actually live in a suburb of Tacoma called Lakewood. It is about 40 miles south of Seattle or three hours on the freeway. I have been interested in making wine for many years and suddenly about two months ago the inspiration was fermented by an unexpected influx of cash...