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    Old wine kit -What to do with this??

    I know a guy that bought a wine kit and some how forgot about it! He sold his house and was in the process of cleaning it out and found it! He estimated he had it for 5 or 6 years he thought he would try fermenting it, so he got new yeast to add to it when he opened the juice bag it was brown...
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    Old wine kit -What to do with this??

    This is my opinion! To make good tasting wine it takes time and fresh grape juice! If you use old grape juice you will get old tasting wine! It’s like taking a 12 year old steak out of your deep freeze and hoping it will taste good!
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    Bottle aging vs. carboy

    I have 2 different sizes of carboys 23 litre and 11.5, when my wine is ready to bottle I rack it from the 23 litre carboy in to 15 bottles and the rest goes into a 11.5 litre carboy to age for at lest 6 months along with the 15 bottles! After 6 months I will bottle the 11.5 litre carboy and...
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    Bottle aging vs. carboy

    One other thing that nobody mentioned between carboy versus bottle aging is that if you bottle your wine it will age faster then leaving it in the carboy! bigger volume in the carboy which takes more time to change its complexity, then in a smaller container like a bottle.
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    Vineco Kenridge Founders Series Brunello

    robie Is this wine expert brunello kit the latest limeted edetion kit that was released a year ago? and how long have you been ageing it?
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    RJ Spagnols Recommendations?

    Dugger I guess I will have to straighten out this little Itallian, and let him know that my sources revealed that this is still avaliable. I asked him to order it with some other wine kits, I am not sure were he is making his orders.
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    Vineco Bent Grape kits

    I have never made any of those twisted mist kits, are these Bent grape kits, simalar to the niagra mist kits. I understand they are a 4 week kit, anything different about them?
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    RJ Spagnols Recommendations?

    Dugger I emailed rj spagnols to ask if it is avalible, I havent heard back from them yet, a freind gave me a bottle a while back, and my opinion on it was that it was one of the better tasting wines.
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    RJ Spagnols Recommendations?

    Dugger I just got back from a store where I asked him to order the BC meritage and he told me that he could not get it as they do not offer it.
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    RJ Spagnols Date code

    Thats great to hear everything worked out for you, the store owner I used to deal with would have told me to get out of her store.
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    Kenridge Limited Australian Mourvedre: Very high starting gravity

    Iam currently making this kit myself, and the starting sg was the same as dave stated. In the brocheur, which lists the limeted edition line up for 2010 it states that the australian mourvedre is 15 % alcohol.
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    New to winemaking - have 3 kits going...

    Wade I sell sump pumps, have I got a deal for you, I could trade you for a vacum pump ha ha ha just kidding. I feel for you guys down there, we have probably 3 feet of snow on the average here but around here thats the way winter is supposed to be, its been a crazy winter all over north...
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    RJ Spagnols Cru Select Pinot Noir didn't come with bentonite

    cru select pinot noir I made this kit and out of all the kits I have made it is my favorite it was drinkable at 8 months and just kept on getting better I never had any that got to age longer then 14 months
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    topping up with wine

    I have always poured mine in as well, but I was talking to a fellow that makes wine also, and he said he always siphons it in to eliminate possible oxidation, just curious what everyone does.
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    topping up with wine

    Iam curious what the proper way to add a bottle of wine to a carboy is, when you plan to bulk age it, now I realize you could be oxidizing your wine by pouring it in, or should you be siphoning it in? what is the proper technique?
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    Ants in wine?

    Tom How do you know there dead, maybe they passed out from drinking to much! and have a migrain headache.
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    RJ Spagnols RJS Grand Cru International Collection Cali Zin

    Dugger I wasnt impling he should drink them all at once, I meant that they are ready to drink now, because on RJS website they state the GCInternationals only need to be aged 2 to3 months for the reds, and 1 to 2 months for the whites, I agree 100% you have to leave some to age for longer...
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    RJ Spagnols RJS Grand Cru International Collection Cali Zin

    Bob I see your from Edmonton where do you purchase your RJ kits from? Have you ever purchased any from a store in red deer called valantines? Fuzz
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    Simple Wine Storage Question.

    Larry I like your sense of humor.