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  1. Rock

    Refractometer & Hydrometer reading

    This is not calibrating.You can calibrate a refractometer.
  2. Rock

    which one? juice buckets?

    Yes in deed.I agree as well Grapes for red wine.Juice buckets for white wines.
  3. Rock

    Refractometer & Hydrometer reading

    Hey John never heard of calibrating a hydrometer before.Could you fill me in?I know of temp.correction.
  4. Rock

    Disappointed in my Zinfaldel Royal

    Rocky,choice C would be a good choice.Have you checked your ph and ta?May need some adjustments.No f-pack,No sorbate.Did you Ml your Zin?Have you any Petite Syrah on hand?Or do as the romans do.Like your last post go back to crushing grapes.
  5. Rock

    MLF On Top of Oak?

    Mlf takes a lot longer than a week or 2.More like 4-6 weeks.Some times longer.
  6. Rock

    Chilean Grapes and Juice

    M&M Juice Are in Hartford and get fresh chilean grapes,They also have a huge cooler they store in.I have purchesed them in the past few years.The Grapes have been in great shape,the wine is even better.Some excellent Malbec and Syrah grapes last year,This wine is turning out fantastic.
  7. Rock

    Red Cab Sauvignon from Grape Juice Pails

    Sure sounds like from this post your looking for ABV.Whats your point?
  8. Rock

    Main Difference Between Your Wines and Commercial Wines?

    Well Rocky I guess we were brought up on the similar was of life.I also make all the same as you do.I disagree when it comes to wine making.The commercial guys taught us on how to test wines and do ph readings and how to adjust ph and acid.Books writing by them gave us more tools.Magic no,just...
  9. Rock

    Main Difference Between Your Wines and Commercial Wines?

    Pretty Bold statment's considering it's the commercial guy's that study and are schooled in wine making gave us all this great advice so we could better our wines.I have had some great commercial wines and not so good.Worst wines I ever had were homemade.Of course not mine.But it was them who...
  10. Rock

    I haven't seen this approach discussed here

    This is done quite often to give juice more body.People here also add raisins and banana's.Im all about grapes so i have not done it,but its talked about allot.
  11. Rock

    Throwing in the towel on the Brunello.

    OOOOWell cheers to that.Good luck in the competition.
  12. Rock

    Throwing in the towel on the Brunello.

    Really Rocky?Giving away wine that you say is not worthy?I hope not.I would never give wine to my friends that i was not proud of!!!!
  13. Rock

    Source for grapes

    M&M is the best!They get the best grapes they can from all kinds of regions of California as well as Washington state grapes.Also source the best chilean grapes.Now i need to try the italian grapes.
  14. Rock

    Cab Merlot Rocking with Brew Belts

    What was your starting sg or brixs?Is this juice or frozen must?
  15. Rock

    MM Sonoma Edition Yakima Valley Syrah

    Who the heck is George?
  16. Rock

    How to test for TA

    gfmonk there are some good books on wine making that you should invest in as well.It will help you along and you can use them as reference.
  17. Rock

    My Koch Numbers

    These grapes had no raising what so ever absolutely pitcher perfect.
  18. Rock

    My Koch Numbers

    Good luck Joe,I choose the sangee method so I would have the same ratio of skin and pulp to juice.How many cases did you crush?
  19. Rock

    My Koch Numbers

    When you do your calculation make sure you take out as much juice as your water addition will be.This should be around 10% of your volume of finished wine.Also dont forget to add 7 grams of tartaric acid per liter of water you are adding.This is what i did with my grapes.Got mine down to 25.5...
  20. Rock

    Lesson learned on yeast nutrient

    Well you should be adding your first dose at lag phase then again at 1/3 sugar depletion.