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  1. Ignoble Grape

    Possible Brett: Trouble Shooting Saga

    Thanks - I had one other carboy that's a little suspect. I've just done the final rackings with SO2 additions ahead of bottling. Will filter down to 1 micron and keep my fingers crossed that nothing goes off in bottle.
  2. Ignoble Grape

    Possible Brett: Trouble Shooting Saga

    Right??? I had trouble finishing off ML last year. Everything's in the garage and the temperatures were just too chilly. This left the wine unprotected after primary. This year everything gets co-fermented with heavy SO2 right after. Fortunately or unfortunately, I only have glass and steel...
  3. Ignoble Grape

    Possible Brett: Trouble Shooting Saga

    Okay, so I've been working on my problem child 2020 Merlot. Bulk aging was going beautifully - clearing up, delicious ripe red cherry - super yummy. Then came the beginning of summer. The wine turned cloudy and had an off-flavour, almost like an earthy mold. Not TCA, but I couldn't put my...
  4. Ignoble Grape

    How Much Do You Give Away

    They are great for lowering price offers for anything on Craigslist. Most people think it's pretty unique and are willing to barter.
  5. Ignoble Grape

    Recommendations for new pH meter?

    Ah, sorry, just saw the original post of under $100. Anyways, I finally broke down and got a commercial grade meter. Reached out to a friend who works in the lab for a producer in Sebastabpool. They use a Beckman portable pH meter, but it is old, and replace the probe every couple of years...
  6. Ignoble Grape

    White Merlot - Yeast? Ferm Temp?

    I ended up going with Lalvin 71B. I did a direct press because of smoke taint concerns - it's a sandy white color, which is evidently hot with trendsetters at the moment. Overall pleased, but I don't feel I got enough esters or phenolics. It's nice, but not complex by any means. I did do...
  7. Ignoble Grape

    Using Melody Yeast

    Maybe it makes good sour dough???
  8. Ignoble Grape

    Using Melody Yeast

    1. Not 100% sure. I'm assuming that they got it from the manufacturer - we all got the yeast pre-measured in little ziplock bags, so it came from a much larger package (the college has a winery). We chose our preferred strains on a Thursday and picked it up on a Friday kind of thing. Certainly a...
  9. Ignoble Grape

    Using Melody Yeast

    I got this one. So I know myself and about 5 other people who chose Melody for our enology course last semester with our Chardonnay winemaking kits (#COVID learning!), including the professor. Every single one of us had trouble getting it started as well as trouble getting fermentation to...
  10. Ignoble Grape

    Barrel steaming protocol

    I'd love to use barrels. A couple of issues for me: 1) I don't make enough of 1 wine, 2) no way to clean effectively with my average garden variety garden hose, 3) termites in the garage. Sigh... for now it's cubes and chips.
  11. Ignoble Grape

    Wine club software

    You're looking for software, correct? Lots of options out there, here are a few: AMS (point of sales wine software - original) Clover Grape Gears B-Loyal E-Cellars (doesn’t link to other systems) Wine Direct (Shipping) They all do different things...
  12. Ignoble Grape

    Rose just not so good, what would you do?

    Another vote for sangria - see what doctoring it up a bit does with other flavored liquors, some boone's farm maybe. That there's the beauty of home wine making -- you get to play with additions. I'm envisioning a large punchbowl/juice dispenser type set-up at your post-covid outdoor get...
  13. Ignoble Grape

    How Long for MLF?

    I'm having a hard time finishing up MLF this year with 2 wines that are in the garage. Grapes came in late and it's just been a little too chilly for them to finish. Have them wrapped up in heating pads with some reflective bubble wrap. Looks very space-age engineering. Next year will innoculate...
  14. Ignoble Grape

    New wine room

    I'm envious! It looks like you've really put thought into easy access for all your lab stuff - and you have a sink... what a fun project!
  15. Ignoble Grape

    Is this phlloxera

    can Recommend this course of action. Also recommend the book 'Grapes' 2nd Ed., by Creasy and Creasy if you don't already have a shelf copy.
  16. Ignoble Grape

    Women winemakers

    That is a FANTASTIC image - of course it was medicinal.
  17. Ignoble Grape

    2020 Fall Grape Season Coming Up

    Summary Report for 2020: 150 lbs direct-press whole cluster Chardonnay - Made 10 gallons buttery Chard, and about 10 bottles of pet-nat sparkling wine - hoping to avoid smoke taint 150 lbs of direct-press whole cluster Merlot for 9 gl. of Rose - hoping to avoid smoke taint 300 lbs Merlot -...
  18. Ignoble Grape

    Women winemakers

    Some ladies enjoy baking, others crafting. Me? I go for the grapes. A gal's gotta have a hobby! The funny thing is that in the wayback when (1700s - 1800s) it was the lady's responsibility for making all of the country wines and beer for the household. And when you look at etchings and...
  19. Ignoble Grape

    Driving me crazy.

    Really enjoying this thread - thanks to everyone who's contributing - excellent review for my enology final coming up next week :ib @stickman I just had to do this lab yesterday. Going to be investing in a burret with a stopcock and .1N NaOH solution... Luv me some kitchen chemistry! We don't...
  20. Ignoble Grape

    Postponed: 47th Annual US Amateur Home Winemaking Comptition

    Totally understandable. I submitted my wines this year as my first wines for competition judging. Getting them all bundled up and sent off was a fun afternoon focused on good things to come in the future! :)