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  1. rob

    Double the Skeeter

    If you start a wine kit in two different buckets you will end up with lees in the bottom of each bucket, which you can turn into two Skeeter Pee
  2. rob

    Duck Dynasty

    I just googled that, really to bad cause it is my favorite show
  3. rob

    I did not know this

    Under French law wine must be bottled using natural cork. The traditional seal has long frustrated producers with the inconsistent amount of air it lets through and its tendency to become tainted with 2,4,6- Trichloroanisole (TCA), a compound that makes wine smell like wet cardboard. ( Bachus to...
  4. rob

    Sorbate and filtering

    Julie, I am not trying to remove it, was wondering if it would loose some of its power
  5. rob

    Sorbate and filtering

    Do you think a .50 micron filter would remove sorbate?
  6. rob

    Beer sales are down

    Just read beer sales are down and wine and spirits are up
  7. rob

    Ladies for Christmas

    Ladies, what would be a great gift for Christmas from a love one, excluding wine stuff.
  8. rob

    dont be your age

    As of now the average age is 59.8
  9. rob

    Any interest in Used Carboys or Demijohns?

    When did Milwaukee become a state
  10. rob

    Blueberry/Pomegranate from Old Orchard Concentrate

    5 days is pretty normal for it to drop to 1.000 as for the sour taste you will need to let it age for 4 month and then back sweeten it.
  11. rob

    Primary Ferm temp

    The slower the fermention the smoother your wine will be
  12. rob

    Back sweeting with juice

    Ok, I tried it had 5 gallons of Niagra wine and back sweeten it with 64 oz. of Niagra juice and it taste really well, very smoth and just like Niagra wine should
  13. rob

    Back sweeting with juice

    Thanks Steve, I have some Niagra wine and I was thinking wont it be better to add a it instead of sugar?
  14. rob

    Back sweeting with juice

    I have been doing a lot of reading on alternative ways to back sweeten wine. one of the complaints that seems to come up over and over is back sweeting with sugar can cover up the wine of its natural flavor. What some wine makers are doing is back sweetening with store boughten grape juice...
  15. rob

    Idea for filling head space

    Steve, I like the idea of gas in the bag, however I feel pretty good about a double bag and water!
  16. rob

    Idea for filling head space

    Cim, I was thinking of double bagging can this not be the best idea of the month? I have been testing it with some skeeter pee, I pulled out about a half of drink and just keep filling the bag with water.
  17. rob

    Idea for filling head space

    How much are they Steve?
  18. rob

    November 22, 1963

    I was 6 years old
  19. rob

    Idea for filling head space

    Yes the racking cane will fit around it, I'm telling you guys this could be the answer to adding water or cheap wine, can't believe we didn't think of it sooner
  20. rob

    Idea for filling head space

    Yes 5 to 6 inches will destroy the wine. What makes you think the bag would leak.