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    bulk aging with Kmeta

    I'm bulk aging a kit. I have added clarifier and racked it. It has been aging in the carbouy for 2 months. How often should I add potassium metabisulphite and how much should I add.
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    Bulk aging

    During aging for say 1 year, should I rack at any time even if there is no sediment and should I rack when adding Kmeta every 3 months ?
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    Shattering Carboys?

    A while back I posted a picture of the dirt bike jack that I purchased at Princess Auto. When using this, the carbouys never get bumped they simply slide on and off at counter height. When siphoning the jack is at the floor level and then raised to counter height. Sure save on the back and maybe...
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    Wine not clearing

    Update, thanks for the advice. My wine is now beautifully clear. I gave it a second dose of Kieselsol and then time. I never thought of a 2nd dose of Kieselsol but that and time did the trick. I did not add a second dose of chitosan.
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    Wine not clearing

    Will do, thanks
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    Wine not clearing

    Thank you, very good point. It was a bit hectic when I evacuated. I checked the log and the sp was .998 when I added the K and C. The sp is now at .996. I think I will give it another month or so and then try the K and C again . Thanks for your help.
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    Wine not clearing

    The kit above was a Chardonnay
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    Wine not clearing

    I added Chitosan and kieselsol to my kit in August and then had to evacuate due to the forest fires. When I returned 5 weeks later the wine was clear and I racked the wine. After sitting for a few days the wine was still cloudy., I think it was because the wine sat too long with the K and C in...
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    Kit not clearing

    Yes 0.997 Brand is Prestige, Thanks for the advice , I will be patient.
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    Kit not clearing

    Sg was .097 . It was degassed and cleared up nicely. It was after I added the conditioner and glycerine that it became cloudy.
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    Kit not clearing

    I have a white wine kit that is very slow to clear. I added the chitosan and kieselsol , racked and waited a couple of weeks , raked and added 4 ounces of conditioner and 4 ounces of glycerine. I racked it into a clean carbouy 2 weeks ago and it is still cloudy. Please help with any suggestions...
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    Carboy Handle

    I purchased a small motorcycle jack at Princess Auto for $129.00 It sure saves the back when moving carbouys IMG_0439.JPG
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    I am using a kit and I added the clarifier and I still have foam on the top. I aerated twice daily for 4 days with a drill before adding the clarifier. Is this still co2? and what can I do ?