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  1. Gormless

    Opinions on Acquamark Corks?

    Does anyone have opinions and/or experiences with Acquamark corks? They seem like a good value, curious if there are any informed opinions out there.
  2. Gormless

    Carboy Exposed to Atmosphere

    I have been experimenting with aging wine in Fermonsters (PET carboys with widemouth lids). They are easy to clean and have found them to be satisfactory until...tonight I discovered one with a cracked lid. I’m unsure how long this escaped my attention - perhaps a few weeks? It’s not browned...
  3. Gormless

    Did my fermentation complete?

    Follow up question: if it’s suspected to have RS, what would you do? (I’m leaning towards pitching a ripper like EC1118 to ensure it completes but concerned I’ll lose all my fruitiness I worked hard to keep around.)
  4. Gormless

    Did my fermentation complete?

    hello! I am a new-ish winemaker and could use a second (or third, fourth, and fifth) opinion on whether my fermentation completed. (First post here, woot woot!) This is 35 gallons of 2018 Cabernet (Lake County, CA) made from grapes. I ameliorated to 25.5 brix and innocated some fermenters...