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  1. Zoogie

    Alcohol problems

    God Bless you both and give you the strength needed to heal.
  2. Zoogie

    La Margarita Skeeter

    First of all thanks Lon for the basic skeeter pee.also wish to thank the guy (sorry forgot your name...but not your GREAT idea) that makes it with 2 lemon and 1 lime for his wife :) made me want to try it again that way for myself....only change I made is to add 2 btls (as they are smaller) of...
  3. Zoogie

    New to wine making

    Welcome :) I have made basil wine it's the only one I can't drink alone but its AWESOME for cooking :) Will be trying tea mint after I harvest enough herbs:) GL Zoogie
  4. Zoogie

    Anyone else have back problems

    I have had bad back since I was fun for sure... as I got older it has worsened but am now sleeping on memory foam mattress (was told it's good for people with arthritis) it sure has helped...comfort hug all you fellow back sufferers Zoogie
  5. Zoogie

    State Fair Competition

    Congrats that's awesome :)
  6. Zoogie

    chilli wine

    I use the whole packet the yeast stops when it runs out of 1-6 gallons it's still one packet..hope this helps..if am wrong someone else will chime in good luck zoogie
  7. Zoogie


    When I was picking elderberries for jam lol noticed they are easy to see when flowering and not when fruit is ripe... so took red ribbons tied them on the branches to mark the spot...worked for me Zoogie
  8. Zoogie

    RJ Spagnols RJS En Primeur Carmenere

    Oh dear guess what blonde just found the answer >>>in the instructions...sorry for the post lol
  9. Zoogie

    RJ Spagnols RJS En Primeur Carmenere

    Need help with this please....have a package of Metatartaric Acid with my kit that says refer to instructions...the instructions don't mention it or I am blind :)...When do you add this am degassing and clearing in morning? Thanks for any help! Zoogie
  10. Zoogie

    Happy Birthday Wade

    Hope you had extra nice Birthday Wade! zoogie
  11. Zoogie

    Mary's Sweet Bread

    *SMACK* I'm lazy lol but can make it without one :)
  12. Zoogie

    Mary's Sweet Bread

    Nice recipe to share with you Easter I make about 35 loafs as my list of people keeps growing lol...It's great plain or with honey butter... Hope you enjoy it as we all do... Zoogie Mary’s Easter Sweet Bread 12.2 ounce Milk (warm) 1 teaspoon Salt 3 tablespoon...
  13. Zoogie

    First Labels

    Nice job I like them all too favorite is the corks...nice name too!:br
  14. Zoogie

    Heat Shink Foils ??

    I use a heat gun also and have had great success... I keep nice selection on hand and pick color after labels are on...good luck Zoogie
  15. Zoogie

    What R you doing today?

    Made 2- 6 gallon kits of Cabernet Sauvignon..plan on letting this age :) Also Bottled my Basil Wine it's nice for cooking but unlike the Jalapino I wouldn't drink this ... Zoogie
  16. Zoogie

    Another new CT addict!

    Welcome ...we love wine addicts :) Zoogie
  17. Zoogie

    New From CT

    Welcome glad to have you with us Zoogie
  18. Zoogie

    Other Vintners Harvest Kiwi

    Hiya and thanks I am making 6 gal out of 2 cans... Zoogie
  19. Zoogie

    Other Vintners Harvest Kiwi

    Hi and Happy New Year...need help and this is closest search I found. I want to make 6 gal of Vinter harvest Blackberry wine... my question is can I use both cans in one batch and double everything? Thanks for any help...Zoogie
  20. Zoogie

    Medal Tallies for 2010

    Congratulations on the wins that's impressive :br