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    Other A Kit Worth Waiting For???

    Both my red mountain cabs were awsome, done two years apart. I wish they still made this kit. It was different than any other cab I've tasted though. As for a good wine to wait on.... cellarcraft amarone, stags leap merlot, old vine zin..... pick one and enjoy. Or perhaps do all three...
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    WineXpert Winexpert LE Fortitude

    Good to hear, I'll wait another 12 months
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    WineXpert Winexpert LE Fortitude

    I bottled my fortitude today after 1 year bulk aging. This is very tart and not very fruity, no nose and a bitter finish. I hope another year in the bottles makes it better. Anybody else taste theirs recently?
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    WineXpert Bravado Super Tuscan

    Just bottled mine today and couldn't be more disappointed , you summed up my experience to a tee. On a positive note, we also put the mosaic red LE into bottles today at one year and it is fantastic!
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    Cellar Craft Italian Sangiovese/Cabernet Sauvignon LR

    Just bottled this one last week. Opened one tonight and I am very impressed, one of my best wines I've ever made! Light oak and nice fruit, very smooth. Its about 16 months at this point :)
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    WineXpert Winexpert adds a new kit!

    Mine is resting comfortably in the dusty carboy, no idea how it's doing as far as taste goes. It looks really good though :) Sent from my iPad using Wine Making
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    WineXpert Eclipse kits only 16L Juice

    My Shiraz is 7 months young at this point, just racked it and sampled. Its going to be very good :) yum yum
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    RJ Spagnols Super Tuscan Recommendations?

    Just tested my 9 month old WS Super Tuscan. Not to bad , but it needs more time I think. I preferred the CellerCraft Rosso Fortissimo . To me the RF was more fruit forward. Will give the WS more time and see if it opens up a bit with age, it seemed very tight and closed at this point but I have...
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    RJ Spagnols Super Tuscan Recommendations?

    Huge fan of the cellar craft Rosso fortissimo, one of my all time favourites . I have a rjs ccws supertuscan in bottles that's about 9-10 months old. I'll try a sample of the spagnols and report back tomorrow.
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    WineXpert WineXpert Eclipse Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel - ***UPDATE***

    I'm drinking an estate series old vine zin thats one year old right now and I absolutely love it, so does my wife. We have almost consumed an entire case so far.....:dg
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    WineXpert Winexpert adds a new kit!

    Going to start my barossa Valley Shiraz tomorrow! So excited!:HB
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    Other Help me pick a red.

    Sounds like you need to buy and make the cellar craft Rosso fortissimo , you won't be disappointed!!
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    WineXpert Winexpert adds a new kit!

    Ordered mine today< be two weeks till my LHBS gets it in, $145 Canadian pesos :mny He said he could have received it in an order he got in yesterday but didn't think it would be a good seller so he never ordered any . He couldn't stop talking about how good the stags leap Merlot has been...
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    Other Kenridge Founders Series Cab /Shiraz

    The 2012 cellarcraft Nebbiolo is outstanding , I drank a bottle last weekend!
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    WineXpert Winexpert adds a new kit!

    I'm so excited to get this kit as this grape is my all time favorite to make wine with :HB NEW Eclipse Barossa Valley Shiraz with Grape Skins Posted by Winexpert, November 8, 2013 | 0 Comments The Barossa Valley is Australia’s quintessential wine region. Located in South Australia...
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    Other Kenridge Founders Series Cab /Shiraz

    I did a KR FS Cab/Shiraz (with crushed grape pack) about 3-4 years ago and after patiently waiting 1 year, then 2 years then 2.5 years ect... I found that I was really disappointed with it overall. Well i decided to open a bottle tonight and low and behold it has finally transformed itself into...
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    RJ Spagnols Super Tuscans: En Primeur versus Winery Series

    Just bottled my WS super tuscan after 7 months in bulk aging today. Sampled the left over glass and its a very nice wine. Al ittle bit grapey at this point with a perception of slight residual sweetness but a nice pleasantness to it. I'm sure another 7 months in the bottle will smooth it out...
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    WineXpert Barolo vs. Cellar Craft Showcase Amarone

    Ive done a cellar craft amarone and a cellercraft LE nebbiolo(barolo) and the Rosso fortissimo Hands down my favorite is the Rosso Fortissimo But I really like the Nebbiolo and the Amarone too! And just to be clear , there are many of the kit wines i've made that I'm not too fond of.
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    RJ Spagnols OK who has started their Port and what kind did you get?

    I just picked up the chocolate hazelnut port tonight, i'm going to fortify it with some frangelico. should be a good one. anybody else doing one of these ? Thne orange chocolate port from last fall is deicious right now...:HB