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    Hello everybody Im Bernie

    I've got Buffalo Berry as well but they are a tough pick. Lots of thorns. I intend on trying to get enough.
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    Hello everybody Im Bernie

    I plan on it. The apples are one of these varieties
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    Hello everybody Im Bernie

    It is going to be one of these varieties. Crabapple Fruits for North Dakota — Lawns, Gardens & Trees
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    Hello everybody Im Bernie

    My choke cherry wine was started beginning of September so only 4 months old. Was 16.7 % abv so needs time to meld. So far it is fair. I'm not sure of the apple type but they are small and are grouped 3 to a bunch like cherries. They are sweet and crisp when ripe and delicious. I think the...
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    Wild Plum Recipe

    I call sand plum wild plum not sure if same thing. Trees are small fruit is small and I thought it turned out great. I'm talking North Dakota. I did 4 lbs to the gal.
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    Hello everybody Im Bernie

    From Bismarck ND. Im new to wine making this 2022 fruit season. So far I've made pear, plum, choke cherry and apple. So far I have made and bottled approximately 11 gals so far with another 6 or 7 on secondary. Sand Plums, American Plum, Harbinger Pear all from my trees. Cherry apple made...
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    Any good mock stella rosa black recipes?

    Love to know if anybody has a copycat Stella Rosa Black recipe?