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    questions about bulk aging in a cornelius keg

    Older thread and I noticed nobody ever responded - can you provide insight on bulk aging in corny kegs? It seems to be the right move if you're trying to limit oxidation and ease in transfers (using inert gas to push the wine around). Can you provide insight into how it's gone for you? Why...
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    Real Talk - Stainless Unitank

    I love it - you have one heck of a setup, very nice work!
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    Marquette - what have you tried?

    This is great information, so first and foremost thank you. I am looking at my first harvest of Marquette vines this year, and I'm curious what others have experienced including successes/setbacks with this varietal. Namely, when have you historically harvested? Has it been a wide window, or...
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    Real Talk - Stainless Unitank

    Very helpful insight and thank you for the links - effectively I’m confined to my basement and it’s been difficult with space limitations to maneuver, store and clean 5 live carboys at any given time. Another issue is my basement is English style so not fully below grade and temps regularly get...
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    Real Talk - Stainless Unitank

    What about a fixed capacity - I should have clarified, apologies.
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    Real Talk - Stainless Unitank

    All, I am looking for sage advice and feedback here - let's call it real talk, wine. My wheels constantly spin and I am ever curious about making it easier, cleaner, more efficient, and safer to long-term age wine in a home winemaking setup. I make from grapes and want to effectively limit...
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    Taste Dilemma - first time with real grapes

    Good question on the calibration - I calibrated the ph meter (I have the Vinmetrica SC-300 kit, so it has both ph and so2 electrode). I did not calibrate the so2 electrode when i measured TA yesterday - should I have done that?
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    Taste Dilemma - first time with real grapes

    Greetings - an update here. Thank you again for providing previous feedback. I want to provide an update and get some thoughts from the group. The wine previously discussed has been aging in glass carboys for roughly 18 months since last discussion. Tested the wine yesterday, ph = 3.8, ta =...
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    Training stakes

    Quite the genius!
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    Training stakes

    Thank you all for the responses!
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    Training stakes

    Quick question - Growing predominately Marquette vines in Wisconsin, trying to train to the top wire cordon/cane pruning. When it comes to training 2 and 3-year old vines, what stakes do you all use? How do you actually get the vine up to the top wire at, say, 6'? Do you buy 8' stakes, or...
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    Lower SW Michigan grapes soon

    What type of red varietals do you have? I live in Chicago and would absolutely be interested in purchasing - would like to know more about projected numbers too (i.e., brix, TA, etc.). Thanks, Zach
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    Yeast and MLF for Sangiovese grapes

    TXWineDuo, thank you for the comments - I will scope out my local LHBS and do some more searching. I'm in the Chicagoland area, so plenty of local vineyards in the Midwest to reach out to.
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    New Vineyard Prep

    That looks fantastic!
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    Yeast and MLF for Sangiovese grapes

    If you don't mind me asking, where are you sourcing your fresh Sangiovese grapes from?
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    Blichmann WineEasy

    I have the 30-gallon Blichmann Wineeasy and it's a fantastic piece of equipment. Simplifies the process, and it is easy to clean and keep sanitary. If you don't mind spending the money, it is a great purchase for a hobby winemaker. Cheers!
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    New Wine Room

    Fantastic work, Johnd - superior craftsmanship.
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    All in one pump for a new guy

    I can't say anything else that hasn't already been said other than I purchased the All-in-one and it has been of tremendous value, you will not regret the purchase. If you choose to stay in this hobby, it will reward you many times over. Good luck!
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    Spots on Marquette berries

    Feel free to share said 2015 Marquette :)
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    New Vineyard Prep

    Thank you, grapeman - much appreciate the quick and supported feedback.