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    Not Froze Yet

    You go Sidney.......Dig-it.....Upper
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    Orange Extract

    Tom,for cooking and candy making,body rub,not to mention is makes a good bellybutton rinse.Dig-it.......Upper
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    Orange Extract

    Wondering how much Zest to use in a half pint/with Vodka?....Upper
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    persimmon question

    Persim. makes a good white wine ,not an orange wine.It takes a few rackings but it will clear.Tell us how you made it.In fact I am going to have a glass of last years model now....Upper
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    Any updates on the Pies?.......Upper
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    The dark side

    label removal I searched and found little.Tips?.........Upper
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    Steamed Banana juice

    Thank you,I understand,reason I detected some latino overtones.My bad......Upper
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    Steamed Banana juice

    Gracias,yo intiendo.............Upper
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    Steamed Banana juice

    Just that Tom,but I have 30 pound of 1 inch slices which if steamed would greatly increase my freezer space.I also have 40 pounds of cored and sliced pears.Thanks for your (almost biblical) imput.............Upper
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    Steamed Banana juice

    I have some bananas that I am steaming with the peel.In what size containers should I freeze? I normally make 5 gallon batches.Also do peeled banans yeild a more universal product? Thanks......Upper
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    Pressing elderberries

    Mr. Mud how is the press progressing?......Upper
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    Happy birthday Tom!

    Happy b-day Tom,F-paks all around..............Upper
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    Nice surprise - i have a persimmon tree

    Tastes a little like Sake......Upper
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    Nice surprise - i have a persimmon tree

    I have 5 gallons ready to be bottled.It is from the American Seedy Variety.It is 10 months old and nice,very nice.....Upper
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    Elderberry - 1st batch

    I used the 1116 with a start of 1.10,it went fast to 1.02 then morfed to make it to 14.5 abv.It took some time.This year wont start sooo high.I am stock pileing and only have 30 pounds so far.Eldo extract is also a cure all.and with some sugar is great on pancakes.............Upper
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    Done with 2010 elderberry harvest

    Just got finnished de-stemming my first pick.Berry quality is down this year,had a late freeze this spring.30 pounds processed.Now I got to get Sid drunk and forget how much this part sucks......Upper
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    Done with 2010 elderberry harvest

    The one I harvast are at 5000 feetyin elevation,and 2 weeks late this year.About the week after labor day I suspect.Can't wait.......Upper
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    elderberry warning

    Make sure you pick the "Elderly" bunches:)....Upper
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    Red Seedless Grapes - Just scored 34lbs free

    Here is what I learned,Tom is right.............Upper
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    Gettin' them little beggars off the stems

    Wow looks great.If you freeze the berries first it is hard to float out the green ones and also to get out the trash.Freezing is good to store,but I think they should be cleaned and processed first.I can't wait to try it.......Upper