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    Best elderflower champagne recipe you know of?

    Looking for a nice elderflower champagne recipe to kick off the season. Some details i'm interested in: - Natural yeast or shop bought? (if so which is best) - Let it finish fermenting in the bottle or ferment out fully then prime it? - Include the elderflower stalks or nah? Thanks :)
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    Minimum maturation time for fruit wine

    Thanks for the replies! I recently bottled some damson wine but not sure what would be the minimum acceptable amount of time to age them for before trying is. Is it really neccessary to wait 6 months to a year or would it be virtually the same at just 3 months?
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    Minimum maturation time for fruit wine

    I'm looking for the minimum amount of time I can age a fruit wine that still tastes great. Is there a point in the aging process where they hit deminishing returns, beyond which they don't improve much? Thanks :)
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    Best British plum for wine?

    Hi there Anyone have an oppinion on which type of plum or combination of different types makes the nicest wine? Thanks :) Barney