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  1. FlamingoEmporium

    22 year old "country" wine

    I think it was an 11 year old dandelion wine my mom made
  2. FlamingoEmporium

    Naming your wine idea!

    I’ve got a green bottle in the closet with no label on it and I don’t remember what it is. What should I name it ?
  3. FlamingoEmporium

    Dandelion... An Exercise In Patience

    We don’t have dandelions here.
  4. FlamingoEmporium

    Ground Cherry - Wow!

    Looks Great Dave. I got a free package of “pineapple” ground cherry seeds with my Roselle (hibiscus) seeds. Since there appear to be maybe only 2 mangos (not 2 trees but two whole mangos) blossoming after Ian, I’m hoping to harvest enough Roselle to make a batch of zinger wine this fall or...
  5. FlamingoEmporium

    Catnip Wine - I'm going for it!

    I was just thinking the same thing. Put a laser level on that.
  6. FlamingoEmporium

    Question about wine taste during the winemaking process.

    Wife has me redoing the kitchen. I’m already dreading handling carboys over the quartzite countertop. I’ve heard stories.
  7. FlamingoEmporium

    Question about wine taste during the winemaking process.

    After 6-8 months here I have embraced the P word and 3 months is minimum for me now. I try to get to 6 months before I bottle, but my wine room is a closet. We don’t have a basement or any other place so sometimes I just have to bottle.
  8. FlamingoEmporium

    All my beginner winemaking questions

    I’ll be fifth. As Dave said always make a little extra for topping off. I keep a small portion of fermented but not aged batch in the fridge for topping off. Having no basement and limited space I often have to bottle around 3 months, but no sooner . And one or 2 racking off of secondary but...
  9. FlamingoEmporium

    My wildest - Day Lily JUICE! I'm going for it!

    Wow, nice color. I’m going to have to look into some flower wines since there will be little or no fruit this season due to hurricane. But plumerias took a hit too, and I have half the plants I used to. Maybe some hibiscus. I’m going to have to see what’s in the bottom of my freezer too.
  10. FlamingoEmporium

    NY Times: The American wine industry has an old people problem

    99¢ Genny Cream six pack on sale ! The good days
  11. FlamingoEmporium

    NY Times: The American wine industry has an old people problem

    Bring back boones farm. That will entice the 17 and 18 yr olds.
  12. FlamingoEmporium

    Why I Hate Winemaking

    No basement here either. Basements without Houses over them are what’s called a swimming pool.
  13. FlamingoEmporium

    Hey! It's Vinny's Birthday Today!

    It’s a miracle your wife didn’t kill you for chipping the granite and flooding the house
  14. FlamingoEmporium

    Concord wine problems

    It sounds like it will be OK even if it doesn’t ferment a little more. a lot to be said for fermenting in an open bucket as opposed to under an airlock.
  15. FlamingoEmporium

    What's in your glass tonight?

    Blush peach mango wine in a plastic margarita glass Wife won’t let me use glass on the lanai. First fire of the season in the chiminea
  16. FlamingoEmporium

    Wine base concentrate troubles

    Something’s is definitely wrong about the color. how long did it ferment ? What was the color when you started it? How long has it been in secondary now ? walk us through e erything you did
  17. FlamingoEmporium

    Frangipani / Plumeria Wine

    I’m not extremely worried… “There are no recorded cases of death from exposure to or ingestion of plumeria plants.Mar 9, 2022”
  18. FlamingoEmporium

    Frangipani / Plumeria Wine

    Pulled this bottle out of the fridge for a small snort today. It’s very nice. It has aged well if that’s even possible in the refrigerator. really nice taste. Sadly I have about 1/4 or less of the plumeria plants I had before hurricane Ian. I’m thinking I might get enough for a one gallon...