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  1. FTC Wines

    Cork issues and hacks

    Rocky, I too have had issues with 3 piece corks. I’ve gone back to my old stand by. L D Carlson #9 by 1.5 “ they are cheap Label Peelers has them on sale now for $10.70 per 100 ! Amazon is usually 12-14 $$ per 100. We have pulled these corks out of 9 year old Amarone, 10 year old Apple and many...
  2. FTC Wines

    Cleaning/Sanitizing Solution Residue

    When sanitizing with K meta I wear a mask that’s supposed to be used when dealing with chemicals. Picked them up at Lowes . Seams to help a lot. Roy
  3. FTC Wines

    Wine Cellar Temp

    We keep our wine room at 69*. Approximately 500 bottles, 22 carboys and 3 smaller barrels. We have 8-10 year old bottles that have held up nicely. Even 10 yr old fruit wines. We are in SW Florida. Sure cooler would be better but that’s a lot of AC running time. The room is a 10 X 12 spare room...
  4. FTC Wines

    Orange, Peach, Mango?????????

    We made a B S Mango wine a few years ago. That’s banana, strawberry and fresh mongos. It was/is quite good. So go for it! Roy
  5. FTC Wines

    Retirement VS working

    John, I l We laid them on their sides. With a piece of cardboard, towel etc between the layers In the totes We had no rattling issues. Had to keep the whole lot of them in a climate controlled storage unit for 4 months. A suggestion, some of our carboys were still in active fermentation so I...
  6. FTC Wines

    Retirement VS working

    Not John, but I moved 800 +- bottles of wine to Florida 8 yrs ago. Including 10 full carboys. Carboys were in Milk crates stuffed stuff around them so as not to rattle. Bottled wine was in 18 gallon totes. No issues at all. I was nervous about Ag inspection stations etc, but all was moved in a...
  7. FTC Wines

    Retirement VS working

    How did I have time to work? Retired at 60 ( self employed) now 74 and never looked back. You can always use a few more bucks, but you always don’t get more time! Roy
  8. FTC Wines

    Is Barrel Topping Really Necessary? Test started today...

    Just saying, we had a 10 year old Apple wine over the weekend. The color was a tad darker than usHal but did not taste oxidized at all. ABV 12%. We made this wine WAY before our Vinmetric 300, so don’t have a lot of stats. BTW the wine was Awesome! Roy
  9. FTC Wines

    Did you name your home winery?

    We started making wine in the Ga Mnts on Fighting Town Creek, a national trout stream. So F T C Wines was the name we picked. Now making wine in Florida for 8 years FTC Wines means From The Cellar.
  10. FTC Wines

    Blueberry wine with oak?

    We have made A 50/50 Blueberry Cabernet blend which we oaked. We liked it a lot, it we love oak, so add oak slowly to your taste. Roy
  11. FTC Wines

    Cranberry lime experiment

    Kaitala, I made a Cranberry/Lemon/lime skeeter pee 3 yrs ago. I used the left over dredges from making cranberry wine as a starter for the new SP. it turned out Great. So keep the faith!
  12. FTC Wines

    blackberry/elderberry mix

    Dawg, We had a bottle of our BKE, ( blackberry 50%, Elderberry 50%) last night, it’s two and Half years old. Awesome just gets smoother and smoother as it ages! I put some away for the 5 yr tasting. Roy
  13. FTC Wines

    Christmas ideas

    justsipin, only one carboy, oh my! We have 22 carboys and are always looking for another. This hobby “ grows “ on you! Roy
  14. FTC Wines

    Sanitize wood chips?

    Yes after a few weeks they all drop to the bottom of the carboy. I leave mine in the 3-4 months till next racking. Roy
  15. FTC Wines

    Thank You, Veterans

    Thanks Jim, my father and father in law were both in Europe WW ll, I did 6 years state side during Nam, plus have two nephews in, one 22 yrs one 8 yrs. we salute all who served!
  16. FTC Wines

    Extra wine in fridge from lees

    Raptor, We store ours in 750 ml & 375 ml wine bottles. The 750’s are clear ones so we can easily see what’s going on. They all have air locks on them. And stored in our wine room ( 68*) next to the carboy and barrels that need topping off. Roy
  17. FTC Wines

    Barrels after removing wine

    Here’s what I do. I only put wine in my barrels that has been in the carboy for a year. Then it’s in a neutral barrel for a year. With oak enhancements. Then I rack to a carboy for bottling ( my barrels are higher than my bottling table) so I can’t bottle out of the barrel because of self...
  18. FTC Wines

    So Dawg, where are you getting your concentrates from now. Been sick so I only made 10 gals of their wine in 2020 but ready to crank it up ! Thanks Roy
  19. FTC Wines

    Elderberry concentrate

    Ok, Last night we had a half bottle of my HomeWwinery’s BkE, that’s half BlackBerry half Elderberry. Made in 2018. We also opened a bottle of Cab 2016, that we made from Pardo California grapes. Well after doing sips out of the 2 glasses we said “ why are we destemming, crushing, doing MLF’s...
  20. FTC Wines

    Jack Keller's orbiturary

    I too will sadly miss him. My First few wines were all his recipes and many after that. Loved and waited for his news letter. Roy