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    Does wine aquire "structure" with aging

    I have always noticed my reds are thiner than I would like. I typically don't have to many selection of kit brandsfrom my lbs. So outside the "picking the right kit" When using a kit what is the best think you can do to improve the structure of the kit wine? Use a barrel? Additive? Add...
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    Horizontal Thermocapsuler

    I have a red one here: It is the bomb, just let it cool before you put it away!! Wade you've got an extra forward slash before your www
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    Re-using bottles and Removing the labels

    Lots of good info on putting labels on. I assume most here reuse their bottles and need to remove the labels at somepoint. I have all but stopped putting a label on if I know i'm going to drink it in the next 6 months. What do you all find the easiest way to remove the label...
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    Degassing equipment

    I saw a video of that one that you hook to the air compressor, let us know how well it works!
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    I finally have my trellis and grapes!

    Very nice Thats awsome looking, how many vines did you put in?
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    Enolmatic Bottle filler

    I agree Yup the filler is a great piece of equipment. Also I saw someone mention the Thermocapsuler. Thats another nice piece. Very simple and kept me from burning the tips of my fingers when I got impatient and stuck the bottle topper too far in boiling water. Just safer in my opinion...
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    When Are CO Levels Not Enough to Protect Wine?

    Bart, You could take a sample, say 1/2 gal into a 1 gal jug and let that oxidize and compare the result with the rest of your kit. A bit of effort but I'd guess you would come to a much better trained taste of the oxidation effect on your wines.
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    Degassing equipment

    Someone mentioned two types of bubbles small and big, with the earlier being co2 and what is the other? My first Vac. attempts I mainly saw small bubbles that made a denseer foam as I continued. I'm about 2 months into bulk with these and sounds like I should try the Vac again before...
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    Primary bucket failure

    HAHA I like the idea of filling the primary inside a kiddy pool. I would use a new one not one with previous "kiddy" users Sorry about your wine - well grape juice.. I'll be checking my buckets tonight. I had not even heard about this before.
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    We're going shopping, what to buy?

    This is pricey but makes degassing a no brainer, get yourself an invacare irc1135 vacuum pump! And I would go with a floor corker, MUCH eaiser. (oh and ps you could automate it later)
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    Auto Floor Corker

    Psi Wade, I was just testing my first shipped control box and the PSI I used was right about 100 to cork the bottle filled with water. You'll be happy to know the first kit is on its way to Vietnam, yea supprised me too, I hope they send me a bottle of wine!
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    Creative Mind Gone, HELP

    Good Job,, Are you a sponsor? Just saw the Dirty Dozen, I'm at 92 true blue USAFA grad from the 12th isyour cadet going to fly? C-141/T3/C-17
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    bottle cleaning done at last !!!

    Very impressive, I just did about 45 or 50 bottles, can't imagine doing 15 cases at once. Has anyone tried to build some contraption to remove the labels by machine either dry or wet? That seems the most time consuming. Cheers
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    Overtime Earnings - Gone!

    Wade, and you didn't pick up a corker kit haha. I keep finding I never have all the toys for my wines On the refractometer, I have one for my saltwater fish tank is there a difference from the ones you buy for wines/juice?
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    Anyone used Argon gas to top up

    I have just started using a bottle of Argon gas to top up and purge my carboys when I filter and transfer. Anyone have a good technique on how much to use and how. My tank has a nice flowmeter so I can control it to be about any speed. I have been using an airlock as well and keeping the...
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    What R you DRINKING today?

    I'll be having a new glass of Yuengling from my tap upstairs while watching some 24 since my total wine was out of bud lite kegs over the weekend.... Took a visit to Shelton Vineyard in Yadkin valley, wow thats an impressive vineyard and operation! Brought home their 2007 Cab Sauv. for later!
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    enolmatic filler machine

    I agree the Enolmatic is awesome. I have noticed the two piece plastic tube tends to let air bubbles in at the connection so I just use regular tubing into my carboy. Thanks for the feedback on the corker. I have put all the parts together for the Portuguese model on my web site if your...
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    Auto Floor Corker

    Working on pricing! Wade you'll be happy to know we are getting closer. I got my metal guy to come down well on my cost so looks like I'll get the price down to around $230-250. I'll let you know when I can drop the $$ on my site :) :f
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    New Vacuum on order

    Excellent pic. Did the hose in the pic come with it or did you acquire that separately, esp the green connectors?? I can't wait I have always used the fiz x ona drill and it just always seems to be a bit gassy..
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    New Vacuum on order

    I thought I'd see what the Enlomatic would do in terms of degassing, but it doesn't pull near enought vac. So I just ordered a Mobilaire aspirator 800ccit was a good price on amazon so I'll post how it works for me when it comes in. This is the supposed picture, guess I'll find the right tubing etc.