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    Plastic Milk Jugs for the Secondary

    A few years ago, when I only had one carboy, I thought it would be a good idea to use a plastic 5 gallon water bottle as a secondary to make a wine kit. It was a 28 day kit, so it was only something like 18-20 days in the secondary. The resulting product was so bad that I ended up dumping...
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    Plastic Milk Jugs for the Secondary

    I know it seems like a way to save money right now, but what happens if your friend ends up with a batch of wine thats either spoiled or drinkable, but not really good because he used the wrong kind of fermenter. Do you think he'll want to want to make more wine? The right equipment...
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    Wine from Grapefruit Juice

    I mixed it up today. 17 litres of bottled juice water to 23 litres white sugar to 1.080 S.G. 1¼ tsp pectic enzyme 4½ tsp yeast nutrient Ec 1118 yeast (only kind I had on hand) I haven't been able to get a test kit yet, but it tastes ok, so I'll let it ferment out and see what I get.
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    Historical methods

    Actually the "blush" on the outside of grapes contains wild yeasts. The cultivated wine yeasts we use have all been bred from these It's pretty easy to envision a container of grapes being left and fermenting on its own. When there was nothing left to eat but the fermented grapes...
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    Altering receipes

    I've made peach wine and skipped the tannin. It turned out very good. It had a very nice peach colour and flavour. I used about 2 lbs of very ripe peaches (pitted) per imperial gallon, and sugar and water to 1.090. .No other additives, just yeast. one suggestion is to make separate...
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    Historical methods

    My Guess is that "new wine" referred to fresh, sweet juice that had not fermented.
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    First batch SG confusion

    A general rule is that fermentation is done if SG is below 1.000 and stays stable for a week or two. Personally, I wouldnt sweat .003 difference as long as it's below 1.000 and not moving.
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    Last Dance with Mary Jane

    Apparently cannibis is related to hops.
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    will this container work??

    thats a cool carboy. how big is it? I'd just use some sanitized food grade vinyl tubing or draft beer line to connect from nipple to nipple to seal it up. you could use it as both primary and secondary fermenter, as you could remove the lees from under the wine rather than siphoning the...
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    Important Safety Question!

    ok.... first of all, you didnt screw the cap back on tightly, did you? if its a glass bottle, the resulting pressure could cause an exploding container that could kill or maim you. Secondly, if things go very wrong, it'll just taste bad and may make you sick. My understanding is...
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    You know your a wine maker when:

    you've found a reason to "sanitize" items out of your tool chest, your kid's toybox, and your wife's closet.....
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    cambden tablets

    Dissolve 1 campden tab per gallon of wine.
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    Will low temp hurt my batch?

    It really depends on what kind of yeast you are using. Generally lower temps will just translate into longer times for fermenting. EC 1118 is probably the most common wine yeast in kits and it will work down to 50ºF , althouh the optimum range is 59º to 77ºF. Your right in that...
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    You know your a wine maker when:

    ....WHen you've *accidentally* carbonated something...
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    Sparkling wine instructions I've never seen an explanation as to why it takes a different amount, just people posting thier experiences in beermaking forums. Of course, the beauty of that method is that you could always add more sugar or co2 if it comes out a bit...
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    Sparkling wine instructions

    That's interesting, Wade. I've made 6 US gal batches of apple wine where 5 gal went into the corny and the extra gallon was primed and bottled. We couldn't tell the difference in side by side comparison. What pressure/temp are you using? I wonder if the difference could be in...
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    Sparkling wine instructions

    THere's lots of info on the web about this. Pretty much any beermaking forum has a section on kegging. Google away and as always, check a few different sites to make sure they agree. If your not in a rush, you can scrounge the equipment on ebay or craigslist pretty cheaply. I've got...
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    Sparkling wine instructions

    Here's my method. It takes more equipment, but is less work, and you can skip bottling altogether if you wish Put the wine into a sanitized corny keg. Using a carbonation table, carbonate to about 3 volumes co2. Get the bottles and wine as cold as you can and bottle using a picnic...
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    Sparkling wine instructions

    I see someone else has a copy of "the art of making wine" (c) 1968 by Stanley F. Anderson & Raymond Hull. An excellent book on winemaking, BTW. An important thing is to be certain to use bottles designed to take the pressure of carbonated beverages, either soda, champagne, or beer...
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    apple cranberry

    is it time for a thread on sparkling wine?