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  1. St Allie

    Another earthquake in nz

    Thanks Guys... I have managed to contact my friends in christchurch and they are ok.. thank goodness.. recently updated news.. 75 confirmed dead.. others still trapped, however they had an unconfirmed report of 15 people trapped but still alive in one of the severely damaged buildings...
  2. St Allie

    Another earthquake in nz

    breaking news.... 65 confirmed dead.
  3. St Allie

    Another earthquake in nz

    breaking news...17 dead
  4. St Allie

    Another earthquake in nz

    sorry for the caps..this just happened in the last few hours. we got away with no fatalities in sept. not this time... awaiting the death count now...and personally, I don't know if my friends and family are alive at this point. Will update as soon as I have anything to share. Gxxx
  5. St Allie

    Max alchohol level.

    Hello...I HAVE missed this forum..teenagers are often similar in reply. My response incorporates my years of of dealing with 4 teens.. not my years of winemaking.. To the responses you have received so far, yes...the yeast will die if overloaded with either alcohol or run out...
  6. St Allie

    Peach Wine

    I made my wine far too strong with ginger 2 and a half years back.. it'll be Fine julie.. give it an extra year.. it'll be more like a strongs ginger wine.. strong without the whiskey element .. still will be 14%..but mellow and drinkable. xx
  7. St Allie

    Dating your Bottles?

    I date them for the day they were bottled.. that way I know how long they've been cellared. Allie
  8. St Allie

    Here we go!

    I added boysenberries to a pinot gris once.. great colour and wine was very nice after cellaring a year. Allie
  9. St Allie

    Been missing

    do they have different coloured eyes Wade?
  10. St Allie

    Miss Me??

    nikki lol... don't invite this lot over.. they'll never go home...
  11. St Allie

    Still Here

  12. St Allie

    MityVac after Brake Job?

    ok the pissing and crapping comments are rather unnecessary to the discussion.. let's keep the posted comments practical people.. cheers Allie
  13. St Allie

    Midwest Blizzard

    best plan for more cellaring space next year....
  14. St Allie

    RJ Spagnols OB BB Merlot bitter

    If the kit wasn't out of date and you followed all instructions, including best temp to ferment it at..should be a sweet finish at 1.020... I'd suggest the bitter aftertaste is just your personal tastebuds..and it will mellow with cellaring. ... don't know what quality the R J Spagnols...
  15. St Allie

    When should I rack off lees from secondary?

    It doesn't stop fermenting after 3 SG readings, the point of checking the SG after 3 days is to ensure it has finished fermenting before you stabilise and backsweeten the wine.. It stops fermenting because the yeast has either consumed all available sugars, or, the yeast has eventually been...
  16. St Allie

    Motorcycling to the bottom of the south Island and back

    Have just arrived back and OMG what did I let myself in for? I was in shock by day two.. and wanting to go home. geez..16 hour day on one day and 435 riding miles in another day.. all to catch a ferry. I was good with 5 hour stretches of riding, only stopping for petrol and a quick...
  17. St Allie

    Pumpkin wine recipe please

    just keep an eye on it, I reckon.... have never made pumpkin wine myself... Allie
  18. St Allie

    Still Here

    I had two thoughts... 1/ you have been building an extension to the shack, including laundry and ensuite with hot and cold running water. 2/ you are selling the shack and moving to England, where hot and cold water is freely available. ( don't drink the water there though!) Finally, I...
  19. St Allie

    Buon Vino Mini Jet Filter $150, plus actual shipping

    Hello Ryan, welcome to the forum... I have removed your posted email address, as it is in your best interest that you don't advertise your personal contact details on the web. Anyone that wishes to contact Ryan regarding this classified is advised to do so by private message...
  20. St Allie

    Motorcycling to the bottom of the south Island and back

    here are the details.. it's my first big trip.. we are planning to ride through italy one day.. when the kids leave home! Allie