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  1. Paulietivo

    Grape skin Packs

    I found these red wine raisins, has anyone used them? They're only available from looks like the sell kits branded as abc kits aka fontana...
  2. Paulietivo

    Grape skin Packs

    This looks intriguing as they're readily available. How do you prepare them for the must? What quantity is used for 6 gallons of juice? Thanks
  3. Paulietivo

    Cranberry wine at 1.006 for a month

    Nice! I ask because I'm in Massachusetts now so its easy to get cranberries when the season arrives. Anyway I use to play soccer in east stroudsburg tournament when I was a kid. Fun times up there. So back to the cranberry wine. What recipient did you follow? If any. I follow an old EC Kraus...
  4. Paulietivo

    Still new in home wine making

    Have you used a hydrometer? Which yeast did you use? (If any) What type of wine are you making?
  5. Paulietivo

    Cranberry wine at 1.006 for a month

    Great color! Did you use fresh cranberries? How many pounds?
  6. Paulietivo

    Cranberry wine at 1.006 for a month

    My second go at the cranberry wine was to go for off dry or semi sweet. No potassium bicarbonate this time. I fermented to dry w R2 yeast. Backsweeten w monin pure cranberry syrup & will definitely use this process again as it added body and flavor. Also a little glycerine to smooth it out...
  7. Paulietivo

    Cranberry wine at 1.006 for a month

    I actually made a dry cranberry wine and people either loved it or hated it. I fermented to dry so below 1.00 but think it was around .996 if I remember. I added potassium bicarbonate to raise the ph to low 3s. & Pectic enzyme. I didn't back-sweeten but added glycerin for body and smoothness...
  8. Paulietivo

    Other Recommend kit for dry riesling?

    The kit is most likely designed to be back-sweetened w the package that came w it, so it may not taste like the varietal without it. Juice buckets are the way to go. I like R2 yeast for dry reisling. A ready to go option is mondiale fresco reisling from New York state. Very good dry in my...
  9. Paulietivo

    Cranberry wine at 1.006 for a month

    It could be. What is the ph of the juice? Cranberry has a low ph and that combined w the alcohol may have it stuck. Have you added any yeast energizer or anything to get it started again?
  10. Paulietivo

    Question about "oaking" or flavoring

    Yes the oak spirals are single use. It only takes 6 weeks for full extraction but you can leave them in longer, I always do. I like the flavor of the heavy toast compared to medium and light. Light us more of a nose than flavor imo. Wine stix on the other hand take much longer to extract the...
  11. Paulietivo

    Post a photo, any photo

    Did you ever figure out what format to upload videos? My small video from Android says the same thing and I cannot upload it. For everyone, what file extensions are able to be uploaded? Mine is currently .mp4. Thanks
  12. Paulietivo

    AWS Amateur Competition

    Congratulations! Did you use grapes, juice or kits?
  13. Paulietivo

    Question about "oaking" or flavoring

    If you added sulphites already then mlf might be out if the question but its ok. It will be a good wine. If you didn't add sulphites then try mlf. For oak my preference is oak spirals. You can choose the toast level and there is full extraction in 6 weeks. Basically add at your next racking...
  14. Paulietivo

    Wine not clearing

    Add a second dose K & wait 48 hrs. If it's clear, skip the C. I've had this issue and the C caused the clouding. I know it sounds illogical but it happened to me twice in separate batches of white wine. Salute! 🍷 🥂
  15. Paulietivo

    Limoncello, take 2

    Love Lemoncello. Let me share my hack for peeling the zest very quickly although can be slightly messy. I use a table mounted apple peeler. The juice of the lemon will run down the table but its so fast I won't even consider using a knife or hand zester any longer. Super easy, just turn the...
  16. Paulietivo

    How soon filter? How soon bottle?

    You mentioned filtering the wine early but that is not a good idea. The filter will most likely clog because of too much sediment. What kind of filter do you have btw? In my opinion you have a couple options. The first would be to rack every month until November or when you can visibly see...
  17. Paulietivo

    Liquid Oak extract

    I haven't used it specifically but I have used super smoother which contains a small packet of it. In all the wines I used it in were mostly reds. It kind of makes them all taste similar but I haven't gotten any complaints about them. I've added this to some of my favorites but remember this is...
  18. Paulietivo


    At 18% not much will live except to tell the tale of Dawgs misstep. Add some clarifiers a bit early to get the extra junk out. Other than that keep sipping. Salute!
  19. Paulietivo

    Looks like I wasted a small fortune on winemaking gear!

    There's only one place I can think of that brewsy 5 day wine would be amazing. That place is called Prison.