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  1. Lurker

    Bulk aging

    I have finally reached that point where all of my wines (all from juice) are bulk aged at least 2 years. My only reason is that I don't have space for all those bottles. I was getting to like Robie but now you have broken the bubble. :HB
  2. Lurker

    Sanitizing a filter

    I unwrap it and use it. If you soak it in water, it will absorb the water and mix into the wine. Never had a problem. I use #1's. Richard L.
  3. Lurker

    Sanitizing a filter

    I unwrap it and use it. If you soak it in water, it will absorb the water and mix into the wine. Never had a problem. Richard L.
  4. Lurker

    Working on Labels

    Beautiful labels. I like the heavy labels and I use my grand daughters glue stick after I spray on a couple layers of my wife's hair spray. Labels come off with water. :b
  5. Lurker

    The scent of egg.... is this OK?

    Try stirring with copper electrical wire. No problem getting it out. :b
  6. Lurker

    How long for corks to pop?

    What Arne said. Just watch the temp.
  7. Lurker

    Floor Corker Maintenance

    I wipe the business parts of my Italian floor corker with rubbing alcohol. :b Lurker
  8. Lurker


    I use a whole house filter 3 times for each wine. I first rack after using Superkleer without the filter. With the Superkleer it may block the filter. After 3 months I rack again using a 5 micron filter. Then one more time with 5 microns about 4-5 months later. Five months later I do it...
  9. Lurker

    Bottling for the first time...

    Don't do it. More than 50 ppm can be tasted, yeock. Richard L :ft :b
  10. Lurker

    Airlock for primary fermentation

    What Dan said. :b
  11. Lurker

    Smoky Wine

    I put some smoked malt into a ½ gal of Chablis. I'll taste it in a couple of weeks and report. Richard L.
  12. Lurker

    Air Conditioning out!! My wine storage area temp increased so...

    My cellar gets to 80º almost every summer. It is 80º right now. All I do is check corks and levels on carboys. I usually have to take some wine out of each carboy to insure no over flows into the locks. It happened a few years ago but never again. If I find a bottle with the cork out a...
  13. Lurker

    Smoky Wine

    For my birthday, my daughter bought me a bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black Scotch Whiskey. My first taste ever. It was excellent with a wonderful smoky flavor. Now I need to know how to add that flavor to my wine. My local supplier suggested adding smoked malt. I need some opinions from...
  14. Lurker

    Filter disaster

    I replaced my valve and sealed the hole. It has been working fine for about 2 years and I use the string filters. Richard L.
  15. Lurker

    Racking? no racking until bottling Pinot Noir / Syrah?

    I rack all of my wines 3 or 4 times sometimes 5 times. I like my wine. Richard L.
  16. Lurker

    Vacuum splash rack & oxidation

    If you mean to allow the wine to fall into the carboy while vacuum racking, I've been doing it for a few years with no ill effects. I do give it a final shake before bottling to get out the last bit of gas but that is one of the benefits of vacuum racking.
  17. Lurker

    First try with whole house filter

    First I will apologize for not reading all of the answers. That said, I hope not to repeat what someone else has suggested. I have been filtering the same way that you are filtering for about 3 years. If you see bubbles in the lines, that will tell you where it is leaking. Then you should be...
  18. Lurker

    Chocolate question

    How do you get the chocolate wafers, (parts of a bar, I presume) to melt in the wine? Richard L.
  19. Lurker

    What does a "wine thief" actually look like?

    I'm sure a real wine thief would be wearing a hoody. Richard L.
  20. Lurker

    Where can bulk precipitated chalk be acquired wholesale?

    Try unflavored tums. Don't laugh, they work. Richard L.