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    wine from concentrate

    I am thinking of making a wine from apple kiwi strawberry concentrate. Has anyone tried this yet and will it work out? I am thinking six gallons. I would appreciate any help with this idea.
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    Elderberry Wine

    I took a flash light and put it on the backside of the carboy. Seemed like a great way to check clarity of such a dark colored wine. One you could see the light a quarter of the way down the carboy then it went out. The other you could follow the light clearly all the way to the bottom...
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    Blackberry looking somewhat strange

    Do you think its because its working so hard. I was wondering what the reason was for the action.
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    Blackberry looking somewhat strange

    The bottom of the carboy has the usual sediment on bottom but it is growing four to five inches up the side of the carboy. Does this usually happen often?I was hoping that it was alright I just was wondering what caused it. Looks like steaks growing up the side kind of the carboy.
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    Your favorite "Off-beat" Wine

    Elderberry Last year I made a gallon of Elderberry and man did it ever turn out. I had six bottles and let it age for about six months and when we tryed it. WOW!!! I am making 12 gallons right now and can't wait to get it done. It had great flavor and had some punch. Couldn't stay out of it. I...
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    banana wine SG high

    I made a gallon last time. It was great! Just didn't last long. This time going for six gallons.
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    Using Marbles

    It will work.
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    campden for blackberry

    Thanks for the help. I used 6 tablets for the six gallons. Hope it works out.
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    elderberry wine

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to put oak chips in elderberry wine to give it a different flavor. Has anyone ever tried that? It seems like that would be good with the oak in it.
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    banana wine SG high

    SG 1.140 yeast was v1116 its dropping pretty quick today it was 1.1 its going pretty good.
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    banana wine SG high

    I started this wine three days ago the SG was 15. I was thinking should be around where I want it. Well today I checked it and it has creeped to 19 for its SG. I can only figure I didnt allow for the sugar in the fruit. Will this wine be to strong. I was thinking of pitching it. I want something...
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    campden for blackberry

    how much campden for 6 gallons of blackberry wine.:confused:
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    strawberry merlot

    I finished a kit wine doing what the instructions said to do and was waiting for it to clear and it started going again. what do you make of that.
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    black berry

    I was hoping it would be ok. I was told it might be to much. I guess time will tell.
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    black berry

    ok the black berry was done I stabilized it. After took 4 lbs of sugar and boiled it in water added it to the black berry a little at a time until it tasted sweet enough. It took 4 lbs to taste as sweet as I think I like. I am just a little concerned about 6 months from now what it will taste like.
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    black berry

    are you talking about the sg at the start or end. at the start it was 1.92 at the end it was .99 but it seemed to be rough until we got to the back sweetning than it seemed to get right.
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    black berry

    I just added 4 lbs of sugar to six gallon of black berry wine. I thought it was sweet. To much or to little?
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    cranberry wine

    I have some cranberry that has some white particles floating on top. Looks like some kind of growth can anybody help me with what this might be. It is coming to the end of the ferment stage.
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    Vintner White Zinfandel

    I am finishing up a kit. I had to take about four cups of the wine out so the f-pack would work. The instructions said take 2 cups out but that wasn't enough. I had already poored a lot of the pack in the carboy before I realized this much. I had to take out another 2 cups to make it fit after...
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    Topping up on the carboy

    thanks for the reply