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  1. kevinlfifer


    The Alicante grapes in Detroit are $45/lug
  2. kevinlfifer


    This juice is from CA, I think some vineyards grow more than they can ferment and juice processors get those grapes pretty cheap. If you use juice only, it makes a pretty thin wine. I add about 4 lugs of grapes to each drum. I also cut and toast my own oak and I think that makes a huge...
  3. kevinlfifer


    California Wine Grapes (Detroit) ordered 2 drums for me but they had to take a pallet of 4 drums as a minimum. SO there is a drum of Syrah and a drum of Grenache available. $495 each. Reach out to me or them if you are interested. I can help transport from their location to you (within...
  4. kevinlfifer

    Juice bucket mixed results

    I'm still a fan of juice. In the fall I add 4 lugs of grapes to a drum. In the spring I add concentrate as grapes from South America are not available. So far so good on the current batch. I lost 18 gal of it to my mooching brother who decided to start making wine last year.
  5. kevinlfifer

    Juice bucket mixed results

    I have not posted for quite some time. First, hello Rocky, hope all is well. I got a Malbec drum last spring, quite thin, drinks OK but not exciting. In 2018 i bought a drum of Amorone, It was spectacular. So I also see a bit of hit and miss on juice. Just picked up a drum of Chilean Cab...
  6. kevinlfifer

    Advice for Wine Making Room

    I used a laundry sink turned 90 degrees. it works great. I added a bottle washer. I have shelves circling the room that are carboy thickness from the ceiling (16") to store unused carboys. Inexpensive and safer on carboys. The drawers hold about 5 cases (60) empty clean bottles each. I...
  7. kevinlfifer

    Carboy/keg washing equipment

    Got the faucet (hot only) on ebay $7, The bottle washer from labelpeelers clearance $3 7yrs ago. I use that thing to clean everything!
  8. kevinlfifer

    Amarone grapes

    I did a drum of "Amarone" juice from Luva Bella in 2019. They told me it was a blend with higher SG to mimic the extra sweetness/sugar from dried grapes. I added 4 lugs of merlot grapes for a bump in body. Turned out wonderful. I would ad Zante currants. I used a lot more oak on it as well...
  9. kevinlfifer

    pectin enzyme for juice?

    It reduces cloudiness from proteins. I have made some very good wine from those concentrates. I add dried fruit, Aldi's cherries or mixed berries. I don't depend on the recipe, but rather SG readings. I start reds @ 1.103
  10. kevinlfifer

    trebbiano Grape

    I did a 6 gal batch juice + gold raisins and light oak. I don't prefer whites but it disappeared.
  11. kevinlfifer

    Show Us Your Pets

    Had a weak moment. We now have 2 Parti Cockers. Both will show post covid.
  12. kevinlfifer

    Ferrari Bottle Filler Questions - NEED HELP

    I have used a ferarri for at least a1000 bottles without any of the above issues. UNTIL TODAY, squirts a star pattern all over the place when the wine gets to the top of the bottle. Just ordered a Buon Vino Gravity Bottle Filler.
  13. kevinlfifer

    Adding oak

    I toast my own oak now and for past 5 yrs. Makes a huge difference. Find a local lumber cutter and ask for white oak scraps. 3/8 x 3/8 strips in the oven at 400F till the fire alarm goes off
  14. kevinlfifer

    Wild Foraging for winemaking

    guess I'll start a forest fire. I could do a controlled burn on some of the ravine floor. worth the try
  15. kevinlfifer

    Wild Foraging for winemaking

    I have 2 acres of ravine and never morels. Nearly all oak and hickory trees. Found a morel once up by the house in the new mulch.
  16. kevinlfifer

    Cork size

    They are in the craft bin
  17. kevinlfifer

    Add grape to a a pail of Juice?

    I worked in extractive metallurgy research lab at BrushWellman (now Materion) for 10 yrs. pH calibration and storage was a pain. Not to mention the glass probes broke when you sneezed on them. I never test pH. If it tastes sour I add CO3, if too sweet/flat, I add acid. Just me being sick...
  18. kevinlfifer

    Cork size

    I have some older #9 corks, they seem a little dry from age. I tried moisture to no avail. No amount of tweaking would get those puppies into a 5/8" neck, and I use a floor corker. Get some #8s They should work fine. Smaller corks, #7s, will limit your shelf life.
  19. kevinlfifer

    Newbie Question

    I agree with WineMaker81, Add a rescue yeast and wait. 1.000 sg will be really sweet, especially after some time in the bottle.
  20. kevinlfifer

    New Guy

    I have threatened to make some SP using 1/3 lime juice 2/3 lemon juice some orange zest and fortifying with tequila. Just haven't done it yet. If anyone has attempted something similar, weigh in. I don't need to reinvent the wheel.