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  1. smurfe

    beer clearing weird question w/pic

    To crash cool you need a fridge or temp controlled freezer that will hold the carboy. You want to bring the temp down to like 33F and let it set for a bit. if it is yeast in suspension they will die and fall to the bottom. If it is chill haze it will not settle. You could set it outside but you...
  2. smurfe

    Making lager without yeast!

    Yup, this calculator shows what is truly needed for optimal fermentation. It is actually quite accurate. It is based on what a brewery uses to pitch. Home brewers way under pitch. It's creator is the most awarded home brewer and he is starting a commercial brewery. Now that said, if you read his...
  3. smurfe

    Making lager without yeast!

    If you really want to know how much yeast to pitch aka how big starter to make, this calculator will give you that answer. Most folks will be shocked and surprised on how big of a starter they actually should make. While you may not actually make the starter to size that is suggested, it will...
  4. smurfe

    beer clearing weird question w/pic

    Normally when you see that it is actually yeast stuck to the side of the carboy but not normally that high up. If I were you I would rack it again or if you have the capability, cold crash it to see if anything else settles.
  5. smurfe

    Making lager without yeast!

    If you would of pitched a separate slap pack for each fermenter you probably would of been OK other than the temp which didn't shock the yeast, it killed yeast cells. You way under pitched. I pitch lager strains at fermenting temp. I normally fermented lagers around 50-55F. It looks like you...
  6. smurfe

    Ferm Bucket

    Now that you mention it, I had one do the same thing as well. I don't remember who manufactured it though. I threw it away and got another that was a different brand.
  7. smurfe

    Irish moss

    Last 10-15 minutes. If you never used it before, rehydrate it in a bit of water first for best results and don't over do it with the amount. A little goes a long way meaning if you decide to add extra for better results, it don't work that way.
  8. smurfe

    Topping off

    I do as Wade mentions as well if I have an available vessel. Other than that, I use not necessarily a similar wine, but will use a white for a white, or a red for a red. Meaning, for example if I made an Amarone, I didn't go get a commercial Amarone to top off with. I would use a cheap Cab or...
  9. smurfe

    Newbie from S. Louisiana

    Howdy and welcome. I might just take you up on that as I live right down the road from you in Gonzales. I am sure Gaudet will chime in as well as he is right down the road the other direction in N.O. area
  10. smurfe


    I am maybe 20 miles up Airline from you in Gonzales. Heck, that recipe probably came from someone in your neck of the woods. I remember the first time I ever ate boudain I believe was in Lutcher. It was either their or Napoleonville. It was one of the first things I tried 12 years ago when I...
  11. smurfe

    cleaning your carboy

    I don't really think ice would scratch the glass personally. I have heard about that trick as well as the salt trick. So far I have used the easy way and just soak the carboys overnight with a good dose of Oxy Clean in them. So far everything I have threw the Oxy at has cleaned it up just fine...
  12. smurfe

    Wine Kits: What is your Favorate Brand?

    The Wine Expert Vintners Reserve kits are some of the more disappointing kits I have made at least in red wines. Most were weak and thin with little body. I have made quite a few of them. I used to make them for my church for communion wine. I did make the Pinot Griggio as the very first kit I...
  13. smurfe

    Wine Headache?

    I have had Waldo's Port, great stuff but yeah, I still got the headache. I have never let that deter me though.
  14. smurfe

    made wine, id like to try beer

    You might want to consider the Brewers Best American Cream Ale. This beer will be more like what you are expecting than doing a Pilsner kit but fermenting like an ale. The Pilsner kits say they have a yeast you can ferment at ale temps as well...
  15. smurfe

    Wine Headache?

    It very well could actually be the alcohols. I suffer from the headaches and dry mouth and nose myself and always blew it off to the sulfites or tannins. I get the same sensation from higher alcohol level beer though as well so I am thinking it is the alcohol. I can drink a gallon of fruit juice...
  16. smurfe

    Mity Vac vs Foodsaver

    I have found that when you degas with the wine whip or Mix Stir devices that you had to stir the wine for a much longer time than advertised. The three minute thing just didn't get it. I would go upward of 10 minutes or better. I would try to get the wine to about 75 degrees for a couple days or...
  17. smurfe

    Wine Kits: What is your Favorate Brand?

    The Cellar Craft Showcase kits are fantastic. The Rosso Fortissimo to this date has still been the best wine I have made ever and my favorite. The Amarone is awesome as well. I have never been disappointed with the Mosti All Juice as well. What types of wines do you like? Maybe someone can give...
  18. smurfe

    How to kill the fermenting bucket odor.

    Oxy Clean soak is the best thing I ever used to combat it. I actually liked the smell to but I use the buckets for wine and beer and like to keep them as odor neutral as possible.
  19. smurfe

    Calculating Nutrient

    You have to process (crush/press) the grapes and get the juice from them. The juice is called the Must. You then add the prescribed amount of nutrient for the amount of juice on hand. It just all depends on how much juice you get from the grapes.
  20. smurfe

    WineXpert Tips needed for WE "Crushendo Sonoma Valley Cab."

    In my experience all Wine Expert kits have been like that. You have no nose until the wine has some age. It will then develop and open up. If you can get 2-3 years of age on that wine with proper storage, you will be in for a real treat.