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  1. xanxer82

    CHEAP fruit press for those in the states

    I got mine back when it was cheap. :)
  2. xanxer82

    Enology Question for the Pros..

    Part of your undergrad should include some sort of research or internship. You can contact some vineyards or look for a list of approved vineyards to intern at through your schools internship coordinator. You can possibly earn upper level credit while gaining valuable experience.
  3. xanxer82

    What R you doing today?

    Will be cleaning a couple hundred bottles tonight. Should be bottling either tomorrow evening or Sunday. The 2011 reds are all ready to be bottled. Sadly, I did not make anything in 2012.
  4. xanxer82

    What's your other hobbies?

    I decided to go back to school instead of getting another dead end contract job. It's been tough and will be for the next two years. Still work part time here and again but it's a struggle. Will pay off in the end though. Starting salaries in the field I want to get into are about 30% more than...
  5. xanxer82

    What's your other hobbies?

    Which calibers do you reload?
  6. xanxer82

    I may have to rescind my "never make a another Kit" comment!

    Some of the limited edition kits like the chocolate raspberry port are worth a try. Mmmm port
  7. xanxer82

    What's your other hobbies?

    Besides winemaking, and when I'm not studying for my Bio degree: Fishing, hunting, target shooting (new hobby), gardening (even grow fruits for wine), computer games, traveling and hosting wine tastings. I also enjoy cooking, canning, and preserving food. LEarning skills to be self sufficient...
  8. xanxer82

    Note to self

    Always buy hydrometers in pairs. When they get lonely, they commit hari-kari.
  9. xanxer82

    Best Wine Degassing Tool

    I use a drill mounted paddle. I don't know if Wade is still around, he comes into these pumps he liked to rig up ever once in a while. They seemed to be excellent for degassing. Be careful using a vacuum on a carboy though. Use just enough pressure to degas and no more. You risk breakage. Don't...
  10. xanxer82

    I think the yeasties are just afraid of Danger Dave!

    This. EC1118 is the Mac Truck of wine yeast. It'll get the job done.
  11. xanxer82

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! Skeeter Pee is always fun to make.
  12. xanxer82

    What R you doing today?

    Finally had a bit of time today read the forum again. Been working on my Bio degree the past few months. Winter break until the 28th. Before that time I have roughly 50 gallons of various wines to bottle and a couple of beers as well. Got a kit i'd like to get get going before classes start for...
  13. xanxer82

    Kelman Bottles

    That's a real good price Doug.
  14. xanxer82

    What R you doing today?

    Did some yard work today. Been doing a lot of canning and preserving. I need to move my winemaking area around before harvest. Haven't made any wine this year because I thought we were moving until I lost my job. Now it's back to school for a BIO degree so it looks like we're staying put for two...
  15. xanxer82

    stuck corks

    try a different cork or get a stainless steel corkscrew. Good luck!
  16. xanxer82

    What R you doing today?

    Ready to bottle. Will be bottling several batches I've had bulk aging for a while now.
  17. xanxer82

    What was the first wine you made?

    I made a Bergmais (Beaujolais). It was a Wine Expert kit and it came out very nice. I think I may have one bottle left but not sure.
  18. xanxer82

    What the heck is this?

    Scary! Hopefully I won't have to deal with them.
  19. xanxer82

    Vacuum Transfer Wine Pump Giveaway

    I liked on Facebook and shared the link on Facebook
  20. xanxer82

    What R you doing today?

    We put an offer on a house. The seller accepted but now we have to wait for the seller's bank to approve it since it's a short sale. Not the kind of house I wanted. It's a townhouse. But I will have a little garden space and a nice place to brew and make my wine. I can finally get back to...