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    Who all uses wine bags?

    I have it. A nice idea but you have to essentially be willing to drink your wine right out of the car boy. I am ok with that with my Zin sometimes but that is about it for reds unless I have about 6 months in the car boy and even that often is no where near where I would like to be ageing...
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    Cellaring Tannins - Nice Addition

    Thanks for the confirmation guys. I first tried it out this weekend and it seemed like 1/8 tsp of Scott Estate is approximately 1g. I ordered the tannin primarily to use in hybrids and Norton. As the research I have seen lately indicates that adding tannins to them is just a waste of product...
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    Cellaring Tannins - Nice Addition

    Math is hard. I got a kilo of the Scott Tannin Estate. Does the recommended dosage of 5-10/hL really translate to approximately 1-2 grams per 6 gallon carbon? Doesn’t seem like much.
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    Some Aussie Juices for Interested Parties

    Thanks! I have been trying to find Petit Verdot for two years now since they stopped making it as a Kit!
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    Pét-Nat Sparkling Wine

    I have done that in the past but I decided to try it this way for a change. I left a hydrometer in the car boy and checked it every day. When it hit 1.000 I bottled. You don’t know what you don’t know, but I figured that was just as accurate as fermenting to dry then back sweetening.
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    Pét-Nat Sparkling Wine

    I bottled some Chenin at 1.000 in some beer type flip top bottles about a month ago. I set them aside and stored them at about 68 degrees. I put one in the fridge for a few hours yesterday on a whim to try at a New Year’s Eve party. It opened nicely, not much of a pop but you could see the gas...
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    Stopping fermentation

    Thanks. I can refrigerate it. I will give a gallon of it a shat.
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    Stopping fermentation

    I have a chenin from a juice bucket that took about 3 weeks to get from 1.092 SG to 1.020. It was stuck there for several days. I then added bentonite, EC 1118, and yeast nutrient. 2 weeks later I have progress and it is now at 1.002. Usually I ferment everything to dry but for this batch I...
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    Defeated by apples

    I had some pears for a while and used the Jack Keller recipe which didn’t involve a press.
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    Homemaker to Commercial Production?

    Somewhere on this site there was a guy from Hermann, Mo who kept a log of what he went through to get licensed.
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    WE Late Harvest Riesling

    I have been disappointed in the Rieslings I have tried lately. Let us know how it turns out.
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    I will keep that in mind for the whites next year. Thanks.
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    Aging in clay pots

    I have to admit I am intrigued.
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    Anyone here ever use fresh/frozen elderberries to tweak a cheap red kit?
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    Newbie need help so urgent please

    When I have needed to add a second yeast packet I didn’t notice a change in taste.
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    Fermentation after stabilization?

    I kept a batch in a freezer for several years before it lost its effectiveness.
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    Purchasing midwest grapes

    I knew of one in Missouri that grew Cab Franc a while back but gave up on it due to those issues. I’d like to buy Cab Franc and Petit Verdot in Missouri if anyone knows of a source. There is a Mo winery that orders 2 vinefara each year from CA that will sell the grapes/juice if anyone is...
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    First time making wine, need help knowing if my grapes are ready for harvest!

    I’m like the OP here, I have a few vines in my yard. I was considering some netting also but the wife said she didn’t want a bunch of dead birds in our yard as a result of them getting hung up in the nets. Is that a valid concern?
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    Just doesn’t appeal to me except for elderberry. But the great thing about this hobby is that we can make it the way we like it. That is why I mentioned that when I do add it to elderberry about 30grams is what I use.
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    I typically wouldn’t add oak to a non grape wine. My main exception for that is elderberry and I’d add about 30 grams in the secondary.