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  1. Gigglyanya

    My Banana Wine Adventure

    I forgot to mention I have another 1gallon jug of it too. I had tested a different clarifying method on it. So all together I should have a total of 22 to 23 bottles from my recipe that I made for $10 total lol not a bad outcome!
  2. Gigglyanya

    My Banana Wine Adventure

    Omg this Banana Wine is awesome! So I transferred into another carboy once the yeast seemed to have died down. Filtered using a fine mesh bag to catch anything that hadn't broken down. Very little in the filter. Set it aside for a week to make sure yeast was done. Stabilized and...
  3. Gigglyanya

    My Banana Wine Adventure

    I'm finally marking off Banana Wine off of my bucket list! I always wanted to try it but have always been daunted by it since it is a long process. Longer then any other wine I've made. However, Walmart had bagged up bananas that were starting to be too ripe to sell but perfect for wine...
  4. Gigglyanya

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    I made my first half batch of Dragons Blood using 4lbs of Berry Field Blend (strawberry/raspberry/blueberry/blackberry). I left the fruit floating free in the bucket using a large brew bag to line the bucket so that I could lift and squeeze and remove daily for the daily testing. It was...
  5. Gigglyanya

    Strawberry Wine

    I think the cloudy that stayed was because I didn't use enough pectic enzyme. It was an old fashioned recipe I found that didn't call for additives so I had to guess on how much to use. Next time I'll likely go double what I used to see if that helps. I cleared the other gallon of the wine...
  6. Gigglyanya

    Strawberry Wine

    Update: Cleared in a week. Half the batch all bottled up. So yummy!
  7. Gigglyanya

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Just finished a small batch of WildBerry. Was a test using store bought juice and the knowledge I've gained so far. Came out at 9%, still a little hazy in the bottle likely because I probably should have used more pectic enzyme then I put in. Silly me thinking store bought juice would clear...
  8. Gigglyanya

    Strawberry Wine

    So I decided to try a strawberry wine after posting my comment earlier in the thread. I did a 2kg bag of frozen strawberries and 3kg of sugar. Put that plus pectic enzyme in a covered bucket. I let it sit, stirring once a day for 2 days. The fruit thawing plus the sugar pulled out lots of...
  9. Gigglyanya

    Learning As I Go

    I'm by no means an expert. Still learning with every batch. I have never used a kit. Started wine making in an attempt to find a wine I liked. Favorite so far is Pineapple. Currently making small batch Strawberry, large batch Strawberry/Watermelon, and small batch Wildberry. Looking...
  10. Gigglyanya

    Post a photo, any photo

    I didn't see that though I did read you need a higher then 14% for most fruit wines. So I always use EC-1118. I haven't had any issue with spoilage so far. My last bottle opened was Pineapple from 2018 and it was delicious.
  11. Gigglyanya

    Dandelion Wine

    I grew up making Dandelion Wine with my mom. Didn't know what we were making at first lol. Mom used to pay me and my sister 2 dollars a shopping bag. She made big batches. Two fermentation buckets at a time worth. She used to let it settle in big glass jugs she had, never used carboys as it...
  12. Gigglyanya

    Fresh pineapple wine question

    I made Pineapple wine as my first attempt. I learned a lot from that first batch lol. Mine turned out very light as well and dry. It also was 18% because I didn't know how to stop fermentation lol I will also agree that aging will help. We opened the last bottle of the batch just last week...
  13. Gigglyanya

    Strawberry Wine

    I saw a recipe that is made in mason jars using barely any water and wild yeast. For my Strawberry Watermelon Wine that I have on the go now, I didn't add any water. The sweetness is on the high side so I don't expect to have to back...
  14. Gigglyanya

    Post a photo, any photo

    July's experiment, Strawberry Watermelon Wine
  15. Gigglyanya

    How Much Do You Give Away

    I don't make alot yet but I give away probably close to 60% of what I make. My Pineapple wine was the most popular so far. I've already got friends waiting to try my latest experiment, Strawberry Watermelon. It smells amazing!