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  1. cpfan

    Primary Fermentation

    i use a lid that does not seal tightly (the lid & pail were designed that way for fermentation) and does not have a hole for an airlock. I believe that it is better than using a towel but it's basically the same thing. Steve
  2. cpfan

    Fermentation Question

    Sounds like you have a beer hydrometer. Wine should ferment to about .995. Although you instructions talk about watching the bubbles, that is a poor thing to do. Trust your hydrometer reading. Bubbles will escape depending on a couple of factors, principally temperature. Steve
  3. cpfan

    Wal Mart water bottles

    There are hundreds (or more) different PET plastics. Just having the 1 logo does not mean that it is "correct grade". The 1 is a recycling symbol, not a manufacturing symbol. It just means that it can be recycled with other PET plastics. As mentioned above, how does the ph of the liquid...
  4. cpfan

    Can I rush it?

    Igobru brand. Thanks for that info. Personally if those are the instructions, I will not be purchasing that brand EVER. Five weeks in primary? Is it at least in a carboy or something with an air-lock and limited head-space? Steve
  5. cpfan

    Question-Leaving for 5 Days and my kits aren't quite ready for carboys

    Wine in primary for a month or two? ***NOT*** what I would call a recommended practice. Steve
  6. cpfan

    Question-Leaving for 5 Days and my kits aren't quite ready for carboys

    As far as I'm concerned if the sg is 1.005 or less, it's good to rack to carboy. Steve
  7. cpfan

    WineXpert Slight tweak to Vintners Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

    Whatever yeast you choose make sure that it likes concentrate. I believe that Vintners Reserve is a mostly concentrate kit. Steve
  8. cpfan

    RJ Spagnols Best White Kit

    Ken Ridge Showcase German Gewurztraminer. We added the Suss Reserve to primary, and made it dry. This brand no longer exists. Might be called Atmosphere now. Steve
  9. cpfan

    strang Sg

    The cap and CO2 do NOT mean that fermentation is very active. They mean that CO2 is coming out of solution. It is possible that fermentation is complete (or almost complete) as the .994 indicates, and CO2 is still coming out of solution. As already mentioned, the CO2 in the wine is affecting...
  10. cpfan

    Beginner needs some advice (Few Questions)

    Did both methods fully degas the wine? Personally I find that a round-and-round action is not as successful as a back-and-forth method. Thus I don't think a drill helps much. Temperature is more important. A warmer wine degasses faster. One month minimum for either kit. Longer aging is...
  11. cpfan

    After clearing and stabilization

    I'm sure that these are just typos; however, please do not add sulfate. The proper product is sulfite, specifically potassium (or sodium) metabisulfite. Steve
  12. cpfan

    Is my wine dead?

    After a "few weeks", the sg will be below 1.000 (which happens to be below 1.020) possibly .995 or .992 which is consistent with "the hydrometer plunged to the bottom". The sour taste could be a lot of things. It's likely a dry wine and you prefer sweeter (as BernardSmith suggested). Which of...
  13. cpfan

    WineXpert HELP Eclipse Sauvignon Blanc NZ has two diff Yeasts!

    Several of the Eclipse kits come with two different yeasts. Sorry I don't recall the reasoning provided by Tim Vandergrift but I don't think it was the reason that Boatboy provided. Perhaps somebody can provide the link to Tim V's comment. Steve
  14. cpfan

    Clarification on a kit wine

    Out of interest .... what is the kit that you are making?
  15. cpfan

    Other Fermenting a kit dry that wasn't meant to

    Some kits are off-dry because they contain a sweetening bag to be added after the sorbate. If this is a suss-reserve (ie juice), I generally add it to the primary fermenter instead of some of the water. If it appears to be a sugar addition (usually less expensive kits), I don't use it all. I...
  16. cpfan

    Niagara mist vs orchard breezin wine kits

    I have made all three brands, although not in a few years. IMO, they are all about the same quality; however, the fruit flavours vary. One summer we made the OB apple and the NM apple. They tasted a little different but there was no clear winner amongst our friends. Steve
  17. cpfan

    RJ Spagnols Chardonnay kit tips

    Here's an article you probably should read. Steve
  18. cpfan

    Other Red blend recommendation

    That's something that I've thought about trying, but 1 gallon kits have been rare in Canada. I should do some looking. I expect the varieties to be somewhat limited though. Spagnols has a new 3 US gallon line called Mivino ( They seem to be...
  19. cpfan

    Other Red blend recommendation

    Some blends are co-fermentation (Syrah-Viognier for example) but most are post-fermentation. One reason for post-fermentation is that grapes mature at different times and the wineries don't wish to store one variety until the second is ready. Steve
  20. cpfan

    Selection Sauvignon Blanc

    What was the date on the box? Steve