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  1. GreginND


    Oops. Thanks. Fixed.
  2. GreginND


    I have been making rhubarb wine for over 25 years and do make it commercially. Here is my process. I think it ends up about 5 pounds per gallon in the end. Freeze then thaw the rhubarb. Press out the juice and discard the pulp. Dilute the juice in half with water (add an equal amount of water as...
  3. GreginND

    Least favorite part of winter

    Need I explain what I don't like?
  4. GreginND

    Malolactic Fermentation: When do you introduce bacteria?

    I have settled on adding my MLB a day or two after fermentation becomes really active. I find that MLF is done quicker with the aid of a bit of sugar to help feed it and the heat of fermentation.
  5. GreginND

    Fortified wine - Formula needed?

    And the answer is that you do NOT need a formula if you are fortifying with the same spirit as the fruit the wine is made from. For example, a grape wine can be fortified with a grape spirit (brandy) without a formula. But if you were to fortify it with grain alcohol or spirits made from other...
  6. GreginND

    Fortified wine - Formula needed?

    Hello fellow commercial winemakers. I am making a fortified "port style" wine for the first time. I am a little confused on whether or not a formula is required for the TTB. From what I read, a natural wine may be fortified with spirits as long as it is the same fruit. In my case I have a grape...
  7. GreginND

    Wine from the Wine Making Talk Group ?!

    If anyone is in the ND/MN area, I'd be happy to host a private home winemakers meetup at my winery near Fargo. I used to organize local home winemaking tastings back in the day before I started my commercial venture. I kind of miss those tastings. Feel free to msg me if anyone is interested. Cheers!
  8. GreginND

    North Dakota Vineyard and Wine

    That looks like a pretty good lineup of grapes. Where are you located? Up here in ND, La Crescent is not quite hardy enough and Marquette does suffer also. FYI - I really love Frontenac Blanc and wish more was being grown. I would also encourage you to consider Crimson Pearl. That grape is...
  9. GreginND

    What's for Dinner?

    The bulgogi was made with seitan - wheat protein. It is a meat substitute. I actually make my own by washing the starch out of flour to leave the protein behind and it is seasoned and simmered. I then sliced it very thinly and marinated it like you would bulgogi. It was cooked off in a pan with...
  10. GreginND

    What's for Dinner?

    It was Korean night for game day on Sunday. I made traditional Japchae (Korean glass noodles with vegetables) and Bulgogi pizza. All vegan.
  11. GreginND

    What's for Dinner?

    More quick vegan meals . . . A bean burger with Korean cucumber salad. How about some Paella made with quick 15 minute seitan sausage? It was delicious.
  12. GreginND

    What's for Dinner?

    Some recent things I've made: Quick 15 minute Sesame Seitan: Tlacoyos - corn masa stuffed with beans, fried on a griddle and topped with guajillo salsa, cashew crema and cabbage:
  13. GreginND

    Malolactic Fermentation

    Why don't you just get a ML chromatography test kit and check them? It's really easy to do. To answer your question, you can do partial ML on the chardonnay. Just know that unless ML is complete, you do face some stability issues and it's not always easy for a home winemaker to do sterile...
  14. GreginND

    What's for Dinner?

    It has been a Mediterranean week with a focaccia loaded with tomatoes and Italian pickled eggplant and a Mediterranean stuffed eggplant.
  15. GreginND

    What's for Dinner?

    Spaghetti al pomodorini made with fresh garden tomatoes and basil. Simple and delicious.
  16. GreginND

    What's for Dinner?

    Corn is fresh from the garden right now. I made a Thai inspired curried corn soup with lemongrass and coconut milk. It was delicious.
  17. GreginND

    2021 Estate Frontenac

    Anticipation. Our 2021 estate frontenac is well in to verasion and is all protected from the flying pigs. The crop looks great this year.
  18. GreginND

    What's for Dinner?

    Eating from the garden series . . . Lots of veggies coming in now: Homemade pasta with a fresh cherry tomato, zucchini and basil sauce. Roasted yellow beets, carrots and onions along with some blistered Shishito peppers seasoned with salt and lemon. YUM! Eggplant and green bean curry...
  19. GreginND

    White Marquette

    I haven't made it myself but I have had some terrific ones made by others.
  20. GreginND

    What's for Dinner?

    This walnut based pate is my favorite plant-based pate.