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  1. winemaker_3352

    MVWS Wine Competition

    That kind of works out better for me LOL.. Now i can get some wine ready for 2017. We had twins 16 months ago and they are kicking my *** LOL..
  2. winemaker_3352

    happy Birthday Runningwolf!!!

    Happy Birthday Dan!!
  3. winemaker_3352

    Fermentation temp

    I know money plays a part in this but if you have $100 and itching to spend it and the space you can get a used chest freezer and a johnson thermostat override to control your temps. I use this faithfully for Cold Stabilization and for cool ferments on my whites.
  4. winemaker_3352

    1 gallon recipes, hard to find!!!!

    Honestly I would do a 5 or 6 gallon batch. It takes just as much work and effort to do a 1 gallon batch and you only get 5 bottles.
  5. winemaker_3352

    Fermentation at 27 degrees

    As Julie stated, if you are still seeing bubbles it is the CO2 coming out. It is time to degass it.
  6. winemaker_3352

    Strawberry wine yeast

    I like the 71B for my strawberry..
  7. winemaker_3352

    clarity question

    I would give it some more time or if you are in a hurry use super kleer. Make sure temps are not too cool. I have noticed that super kleer and clearing in general do better when the ambient temps are warmer (warmer temps help release CO2). Cold Stablization can also help. I don't see a beam...
  8. winemaker_3352

    Pressing Strawberries

    Normal. I guess depit is the wrong word. I de-core them. I use a straw and push it from the bottom up through the top
  9. winemaker_3352

    Importance of pH

    Yes. But 6g/l TA will taste different than 7g/l TA if you sweeten or make it dry..
  10. winemaker_3352

    7th Annual MVWS Wine and Label Competition

    Congrats again!! I attended the meeting last nite and had a great time! Looking forward to it again. I entered 5 wines and won 5 medals - 2 silver and 3 bronze...
  11. winemaker_3352

    Pressing Strawberries

    I cut and depit my strawberries before i freeze them. Let the completely thaw then i would put in the ferm bag and into the primary. Also add pectic enzymes that will aid in further break down of the cell walls.
  12. winemaker_3352

    Importance of pH

    JohnT is correct - there are a lot of things to consider when adjusting your PH. To get a well balanced wine check those points and also consider if you plan to sweeten the wine - sugar and acidity play a part in the balance of the wine as well.
  13. winemaker_3352

    newbie - first 1 gallon batch

    Ferment to dry means the fermentation has completed typically below 1.000 SG. 1 gallon of water for a 1 gallon batch is extreme as well. 4 #'s of fruit is very low as well. I would up the #'s to about 8-9 pounds of strawberries per gallon. Cut, remove unripe portions, and depit them...
  14. winemaker_3352

    Sharp, long after-taste

    Over the years i have noticed .7 to be a little high on my whites. I tend to shoot for .6-.65 on my whites or PH around 3.5-3.6. Take your readings and adjust accordingly. You can use the winecalc app to help. Caution though - add a little at a time and retest. I also notice that if...
  15. winemaker_3352

    Chardonnay issues

    What is the TA - the PH is a bit high. 3.5-3.7 range for chardonnay should be what you are looking for.
  16. winemaker_3352

    Sharp, long after-taste

    You can try to cold stabilize it first and see if that drops it low enough. You can also add potassium bicarbonate to it to drop the acid as well in conjunction with cold stabilization.
  17. winemaker_3352

    Wine press / crusher

    For making fruit and grape wines these 2 pieces of equipment will aid in the production a lot. But I understand that cost has a lot to do with it. Some are very pricey - i got my crusher from craigslist and my press from amazon when they had it selling for $90. Check craigslist - around...
  18. winemaker_3352

    Aromas of bubble gum.

    How much sorbate did the instructions say to use per gallon? I do a 1/2 tsp per gallon and I haven't had any issues with that "bubble gum" smell..
  19. winemaker_3352

    71B-1122, Just for Whites?

    I use this in fruits that have high malic acid - as it will partially metabolize and soften the wine.