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    Forum recommendation for Kit winemakers

    Yeah, it really never took off and to be honest kit comments really is a personal recommendation and will vary much from person to person. What I will tell you is higher end kits will always give you a better result but will take longer to come around. 1 of my personal favs in a red kit wine is...
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    There is a time span on this stuff also. I'm not sure how long the term is but after awhile you can not use certain functions which usually includes editing though.
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    Jeff K and Joe B premium membership

    would both of you please pm me about your membership status asap please.
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    I little piecza for dinner tonight.

    Dan, thats a cat. I heard they usually munch on carpet.
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    For all of you not in the NYC area

    Nope, sorry but soggy pizza doesnt do it gor me. Has to be Greek with feta and black olives!!!!
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    Happy Birthday Wade!!!!!!!!

    Holy crap my head hurts this morning! Anyone seen my car keys or my wallet? LOL Yeah it was a good 1 of the parts I remember. In all seriousness I tied 1 on but didnt drive. Drinks with friends after work and then 2 more at home and good night. Thanks all
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    Sterilizing Corks

    Wow, we brought this post back from the past! LOL
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    Enolmatic filter

    Wow, thats a crazy deal!!!!!!!
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    Is a manual crusher/destemmer worth it?

    I had the manual C/D and it worked great and my 8 year old son at that time had no trouble turning the handle while I dumped grapes in. I had mine set up on horses with a Tote container under it. Sure a motor would have been nicer but IMO unless you are doing big amounts its not needed, If you...
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    Whole grape port

    John T, I dont think your idea is a very good 1 at all. But I guess the only way you could prove it to me would be to send me a few bottles to taste test your theory! LOL Hehehehehe:db:h
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    Help, I need a bold red kit wine for my wife

    Yep, the RJS Winery Series ST is awesome, I havent tried the EP version of that yet.
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    Please Do Explain Mods

    Yes we closed and yeah you guys dont see 1/3rd of the crap that gets posted here unfortunately as you all would be throwing your fists up and duking it out! Like said above we dont like to run this place like a concentration camp but some members just cant seem to bite their tongue and spit out...
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    Man have I been killing it the last few nights. I even got a huge freshwater fish while targeting Striped Bass in an area where the fresh meets Salt at night. Some will say this is a Walleye, some will say this is a large mouth bass. Im not sure as it has the pectoral fin of a walleye but had no...
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    18,000 Posts HOLY SMOKES!!!

    Dan has so many because when your stuck in the corner with nothing to do the posts really add up!!!! :wy:gn Congrats on being a little more than half of mine. :try
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    Lobster by the pound where you are.

    I dont by them unless they go on sale for around $5.99 a lb in Ansonia Ct. usually at Shoprite. Sometimes Stew Leonards which isnt that close to me has them also. The cheapest I ever see them around here is $4.99. I love when they have the new shell lobsters, you dont even need the shell...
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    Mosti Mondiale Arrrg Meglioli not clearing AGAIN

    Ive only had the pleasure of the Barolo years ago and despite its price and clearing problem I guess the end result is just WOW!
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    I finally found them!!

    The Super Tuscan IMO is the best of the best. I have not tried the EP ST but just cant see how they could improve over the Winery Series on that 1!
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    Nobody likes Bieber!

    Yeah, she was so adorable until these past 2 years. No matter how good looking someone is, they can really turn you off by the stuff they do!!!
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    I finally found them!!

    Thats awesome, I always teel everyone that RJS Winery Series and EP's are the bomb!!!!