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  1. pillswoj

    Other Diy wine in a box??

    How are bottles a source of garbage? I have been using the same bottles for years, triple rinse when empty and sterilise before next use.
  2. pillswoj

    RJ Spagnols RJS Australian Pinot Noir Kit

    In Kit used if swapping for RC 212 you could need to add additional nutrient, it require more then the 1118
  3. pillswoj

    My wine looks like grape juice

    What type of grapes did you use? and post the exact recipe used (water, amount of grapes, sugar etc). With that information you will get better responses. And welcome to WMT
  4. pillswoj

    Questions to RJS

    I emailed my concerns directly to them on Feb 23, I got no response.
  5. pillswoj

    2 different yeast in a kit

    Use the K1-v1116, the EC 1118 is included incase of stuck ferment as it will ferment anything.
  6. pillswoj

    WineXpert Eclipse Stags Leap Merlot

    I was able to get the buckets from work, because they are all the same manufacturer I was able to use a 3.5 gallon bucket at the middle one (drilled strainer). That way I didn't need the spigot, lots of room in the bottom 5 gallon bucket. So far I have only used it on my peach wines, but am...
  7. pillswoj

    WineXpert Eclipse Stags Leap Merlot

    Google bucket press, not as good as a real press but for the cost of a 3 5 pal pails it will work.
  8. pillswoj

    RJS RQ Pinot Noir Shiraz

    I made it when it came out, bottled it last month, as I remember I was impressed with the glass leftover from bottling but it won't enter my drinking rotation until next January.
  9. pillswoj

    Bottle aging vs. carboy

    My bigger red kits I tend to get sediment in the bottle after a couple of years, this is with bulk aging and racking for a year. I have been wondering if it is due to the higher iron content in my water but have not as of yet gotten around to doing a controlled experiment to verify.
  10. pillswoj

    Anyone tried this kit?

    Its my go to Gerwurztraimer, I use the full fpak after fermentation and it is perfect as an off dry. First time I did it I used 1/2 the fpak and wife thought it was not right, added the rest and its right on for a German Gerwurzt.
  11. pillswoj

    Could wet skins or even dry skins be re-usable?

    I use to do this exact thing, I feel it helped the Cru International kits. That said I now do 8-12 week EM and the skins have nothing left by the end.
  12. pillswoj

    RJS 2020 Restricted Quantities announced!

    Not into the 20s yet, they will age another year, but the 17s, 18s, and 19s all have been as good or better then the EPs.
  13. pillswoj

    WineXpert Private reserve (etc)

    More like the manufacturer makes/buys several concentrates and also buys fresh juice. They combine these in differing ratios depending on the quality of the kit there is also water involved to rinse the lines etc. Winexpert / vineco claims to have been able to reduce the process water on the...
  14. pillswoj

    WineXpert More winexpert woes

    In Ontario it is also Family Day
  15. pillswoj

    Adding Coffee to Red Wine

    I use fine grind dark roast coffee in the primary for my coffee port, turn out wonderful especially after aging, the ground coffee seems to add tannins as well as coffee notes.
  16. pillswoj

    Did you name your home winery?

    Jeff and Michelle with historical family crest.
  17. pillswoj

    My 1st batch of Peach wine

    I do fresh peaches with minimal water much like Scooter68 does, takes about 50 lbs to do 5 gallons with the only water being in the 2-1 sugar syrup. For color I use about 1 pound of Coronation grapes which gives it a nice orange / pink color. I aim for a starting SG of 1.075 and after it has...
  18. pillswoj

    RJ Spagnols RJS Changes - not for the better I think

    I plan on moving to fresh must for the bulk of my red requirements, I am close enough to Niagara wine region that it is a nice drive. Plan on doing a 4-5 buckets this fall of Cab Franc and Merlot.
  19. pillswoj

    RJ Spagnols RJS Changes - not for the better I think

    Although they never reveal the exact ratios we can do some math and get rough estimates: If the 5.4 L was primarily concentrate then 5.4x=23, x=23/5.4 the concentrate is 4.26 to 1 max. they say mostly so lets drop the concentrate to 4:1. The current 18L kits: y/4 + y = 18 L...
  20. pillswoj

    RJ Spagnols RJS Changes - not for the better I think

    Here it is from RJS website: The Wine Kit Bladder RJS Craft Winemaking juice bladders range from 5.4 litres to 18 litres (approx. 2 gal – 5 gal). They include juice and juice concentrate. Juice = stabilized juice Juice concentrate = juice...