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  1. Sacalait

    Citrus tree identification

    Try planting the seeds. I'm told most will germinate.
  2. Sacalait

    Who's Growing What?

    32 muscadines (9 varieties), 2 grapes, both B 17, 2 pears, 2 peaches, 1 fig, 7 pecan, 12 citrus
  3. Sacalait

    Cooking wine, wines made only for cooking

    After harvesting garlic in the spring I plan to make garlic top/shallot wine.
  4. Sacalait

    Mesquite Bean Wine

    Just completed a batch of blackberry flavored with mesquite chips... A little too young to say yae or nae.
  5. Sacalait

    Cooking wine, wines made only for cooking

    I've made a 2 gal. Batch of shallot wine that I use for cooking only.
  6. Sacalait

    Breaking Ground!!

    Well said!
  7. Sacalait

    muscadines not sweet

    You likely already know this but just in case... Muscadines do not reach their full potential for flavor and sugar content until the shine or gloss has been replaced by a very dull or drab appearance.
  8. Sacalait

    muscadines not sweet

    If it were me I'd get rid of them and put in a known variety that you can count on.
  9. Sacalait

    Rodrigue Family Wines - my journey into a start up

    I have a 5 gal batch in a carboy that is pure juice from a steam juicer. It took about 80# of mixed muscadines for the batch. This is my first attempt using 100% juice.
  10. Sacalait

    Rodrigue Family Wines - my journey into a start up

    Sounds like a plan. You're using pure juice, are you going to press or steam juice? My vines didn't produce as much as normal this year, maybe I over pruned them.
  11. Sacalait

    Rodrigue Family Wines - my journey into a start up

    Hey Todd, good luck with your venture. What varieties of muscadines will you be using?
  12. Sacalait

    when good wines gone bad

    I zested 12 grapefruit as you did and used a pint jar filled with ever clear. I only had to add 5cc to a 2 gallon batch of grapefruit wine to make a astonishing difference. I've also done tangerines but haven't used any yet.
  13. Sacalait

    Pulled up my muscadines and need new suggestions

    I also got rid of the supreme. Darlene is OK just not a heavy producer... I've had those since 1999. Black beauty is a heavy producer and real good for fresh eating...I've made wine with them but nothing to brag on. Ison is a better wine grape for me anyway. Sugargate is my favorite for...
  14. Sacalait

    Pulled up my muscadines and need new suggestions

    I don't have sweet Jenny but I do have one Pam. I can't tell the difference between Pam and Darlene... Well not much anyway. So what have you pulled up? I have 2 vines of q21b17 grapes that were salvaged from the LSU ag dept when they were trying to develop a wine grape for the south. It's a...
  15. Sacalait

    Grapevine Trimming Now

    You stated that some varities should be pruned in the spring. Why wait until then if the vines are dormant now?
  16. Sacalait

    Oak cube vs barrel

    Oak is not the only wood used to enhance the flavor of Wine just the most traditional. I plan to toast pecan hulls for the next batch, especially for blackberry, which is ,I think most receptive fruit wine for flavor enhancement of wood. Jack Keller has also used mesquite... Among others.
  17. Sacalait

    Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for hibiscus wine

    I've made it with dried flowers from Mexico. I used 1.2# mixed with 5 frozen containers of white niagra concentrate for a 5gal batch and it turned out to be over kill. Half as much flowers would have been closer to what I was looking for... it was overpowering.
  18. Sacalait

    Muscadine......With or without hulls?

    My recommendation would be 7#'s/gal. for cultivated muscadines. If using the wild ones less are required since they have a stronger flavor in my opinion. For a 5gal batch figure on 1-1 1/2 gal of water and figure on ph of 3.30~3.25. The 5gal paint straining bag works well, I use it from the...
  19. Sacalait

    I Just Lost My Cherry

    I don't add color additives other than the F pack.
  20. Sacalait

    I Just Lost My Cherry

    It robs some but not all the color. Pour a little red wine in a glass and stir in a little K-Meta and see what happens.