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  1. GreenEnvy22

    Cold crash and sterile filter to stop fermentation

    Ah sorry I never updated this, I've been more into beer brewing the last couple of years (much quicker return on investment :) ) It did work out fine for us in this case. We didn't have any issues with fermentation picking up again. I think that whole batch is gone now. I didn't end up making...
  2. GreenEnvy22

    The Bread Thread

    I made a few loaves of bread this summer, with a but of kick. I fermented a whole bunch of hot sauce, so after that was done fermenting, I had this very spicy salty brine left over. I used that in place of water and salt in a basic bread recipe, and it turned out really nice. The first few...
  3. GreenEnvy22

    Kegland RAPT Pill

    Anyone else try the rapt pill floating wifi hydrometer from kegland? Same idea as Tilt and iSpindel, but it's cheaper. It's wifi, so no Bluetooth repeater or nearby phone needed. I'm doing my first batch of beer with it right now. Will try it with wine this fall. So far I'm happy, I'd like to...
  4. GreenEnvy22

    What R you doing today?

    I've not been around this site much recently, my beer brewing has been more of a focus. But I finally got around to tidying up the cellar a little bit, and restocked the wine racks. This was brought on by me finally bottling some stuff going back to 2017, and needing some space. I still have 50...
  5. GreenEnvy22

    Show Us Your Pets

    I forgot to update this when we got a new cat. Back in May 2020 we took in a mama cat and her 5 kittens. They were on a construction yard and the crew there didn't want them getting killed by heavy equipment so they had caught them all and were looking for a foster home. We took them but the...
  6. GreenEnvy22

    Getting Ready for Grape Season

    I may have to try that. Usually around this time a couple Aunts and Uncle's ask me to make wine for them. They provide all the grapes (they are commercial growers), and I keep 1/3 as my "fee". But I'm just too busy now.
  7. GreenEnvy22

    Getting Ready for Grape Season

    I picked our Muscat today, got 130 lbs, and ended up with about 30L/8gallons pressed. 1.080 SG, pretty much exactly what I wanted. Thats the only wine I plan on doing this year. Hopefully can avoid getting talked into another one :) I still have many dozens of gallons to bottle from the last...
  8. GreenEnvy22

    More frost damage

    Yea that sucks. We had frost warning last night but thankfully didn't get any. Another one tonight. I have too many things to try going out and spraying or covering them, so will just see what happens. The grape buds are only partially open in my back yard, but the apple and pear trees, and...
  9. GreenEnvy22

    What's for Dinner?

    Had some of my whisky buddies over tonight for some outside BBQ and drams for my birthday. 2 inch thick porterthouse steaks and some 12 hour brisket
  10. GreenEnvy22

    What's for Dinner?

    We've been having meals donated by family/friends all week, as my wife had a double mastectomy last week. Today the weather was beautiful and had no one bringing meals, so I grilled some stuff :) Still taken from a video, not to clear due to all the smoke, but some ribs, steaks, and also some...
  11. GreenEnvy22

    Post a photo, any photo

    We don't spend multiple days on a single batch of tomato sauce, but we do make several gallons a year from our garden, as well as other canned stuff. Neither my parents or my wife's parents did this, but both of our grandparents did.
  12. GreenEnvy22

    Post a photo, any photo

    You down there checking out SpaceX starship?
  13. GreenEnvy22

    What's for Dinner?

    MMM, that's tomorrow's dinner. It's one of my kids birthday tomorrow, and all our kids demand sushi for their birthday.
  14. GreenEnvy22

    What's for Dinner?

    Felt like 'guiso' again.
  15. GreenEnvy22

    Orange wine? (White grapes fermented like a red)

    I haven't tried. I didn't get anything from our Muscat last year, so didn't try. Maybe this year, but I may choose to devote everything to our normal Muscat since I'll be missing a year already.
  16. GreenEnvy22

    The Bread Thread

    Felt like baking some bread today, but my wife said we had enough bread. So I said we didn't have any valentines bread. So made the same basic recipe as last time, but added some pink food colouring, and a bit of spent grains as well.
  17. GreenEnvy22

    Fermentation in blue food barrel?

    If you are sure it's food grade, and know what was in it before, sure. Only primary fermentation though, where there is CO2 to protect the wine from oxygen. Once fermentation is almost done, you should rack into smaller containers with as little exposed surface as possible (like glass carboys).
  18. GreenEnvy22

    What's for Dinner?

    Typical Superbowl food here, even if no one can come over.
  19. GreenEnvy22

    The Bread Thread

    I almost consider it a matter of pride that not a single appliance in my kitchen matches brands :) We've got almost everything over to stainless now, just the 16+ year old microwave left to replace, but it's an LG fridge, kitchenaid dishwasher, maytag stove, panasonic microwave. It's funny...
  20. GreenEnvy22

    Did you name your home winery?

    Yep, the Muscat in our backyard grows on some trellising that the previous owner installed and painted red. So we call our wines Red Trellis.