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  1. J

    Skipping first rack of white wine

    Most of the go-to literature says that when making white from grapes, the process is crush->press->wait some time->rack->pitch yeast/ start ferment. Does anyone have experience pitching yeast right after pressing? The reason I ask is because we'll be fermenting in a garage in western New York...
  2. J

    Lid Placement for Fermenting Whites in Variable Capacity Tank.

    This year we will be doing our first white from grapes (Viognier), and we are planning on conducting primary in a floating lid, variable capacity tank. What I am struggling with is where to place the lid. The two competing forces here are on one hand, white is more susceptible to oxidation...
  3. J

    Gentle pumps that can handle must

    Hi all, This year, we'll be fermenting in a 300g ibc tote and two 1000L stainless tanks, so I'm starting to learn about the relevant tradeoffs when selecting a pump. I am wondering if there is a pump that could transfer the fermented wine out of the fermenters but also be gentle enough to...
  4. J

    Storing Barrels with Tap Water

    Hi all, TL;DR, what do you think about storing barrels with the citric acid and K-meta but using municipal tap water. Any experiences? Long version: I just got ahold of some nice 59G neutral oak. They look like they are in good condition, I **believe** they were gassed and I didn't notice...
  5. J

    Large-ish plastic maceration tank?

    Does anyone know of a good source for large (1000L/265G minimum capacity) plastic tanks for crushing and maceration? It seems like the ones made specifically for wine are only marginally cheaper than stainless, and I was hoping to save a few bucks by going with plastic. All suggestions...
  6. J

    Make Bourbon Barrel Less Bourbony

    Hello, First time poster and new winemaker here. This season, my cousin and I are taking over the "old guard" of family winemaking and making a barrel of wine from Lodi/Northern Valley Syrah and Grenache. We have access to used bourbon barrels and will be both fermenting and aging in...