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  1. JohnT


    2020 has got to be one of my best vintages. Here's a pic of us bottling it up last week. Got to make room for 2022!
  2. JohnT

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas y'all
  3. JohnT

    So, how did crush go for me?

    This year's crush was odd to say the least. As you all may already know, I have retired to the mountains of Georgia. The wife and I simply love it here. We have waterfront property, beautiful mountain views in every direction, and tax that is 1/6 of what we were paying in NJ. Our quality...
  4. JohnT

    Weirdest Crush EVER!

    This year marks my 35th crush and you would have thought that I would know it all by now, that I had a plan for every contingency. I can tell you that this is simply not the case. Our crush was on 10/2 and I had put my grape order in two weeks prior. When I showed up with my truck to pick...
  5. JohnT

    been busy (in a good way)

    Hi folks. been a long time since my last post. Let me get you all caught up. I have now been retired for over 3 years and I have never been so active. We are in the process of moving from NJ to the beautiful mountains of Georgia. We are currently in the process of getting our NJ home ready...
  6. JohnT

    2021 preparations

    Hi all, Anyone hear any news about this year's California harvest? I hear that grapes are going to be extra-specially expensive.
  7. JohnT

    Jack Daniels barrel

    a friend of mine was given a novelty Jack Daniel's Barrel It currently has a very slow leak but I've only been soaking it for about 24 hours. Anybody know just how long a 1 gallon barrel should be soaking before it's sealed up? The only other thing I can think of is to use paraffin to try to...
  8. JohnT

    It's in the genes

    This is my grand nephew David aged 8. We like to start them early around here.
  9. JohnT

    Retirement VS working

    It struck me this morning that once I retired, my appreciation for the simple things has drastically increased. For example, When I was working, my head was filled with worry. Worry about driving through snow, worry about getting to work on time, worry on how the traffic will be going home...
  10. JohnT

    Best starter kit

    I have this neighbor that approached me and wanted me to teach his wife how to make wine. Knowing they had no equipment to start with, or any kind of space to work in, i suggested that they try to do a kit. My thinking was that they could then try winemaking without a huge investment (in case...
  11. JohnT

    How to Truss a Turkey

    I use this method for ducks and chicken too. Great results as it provides more even cooking...
  12. JohnT

    Time to flip me the bird!

    Nothing is more pretty than a cooked turkey. Share the beauty and posy your pictures here.
  13. JohnT

    Let's get all caught up.

    Hello folks. I know I have been very quiet for quite some time and I want to bring you folks up to speed on my doings. As you might expect, this will be a long post so grab a glass of good wine and get comfortable. In June of 2017, in a prefect “FU, I quit” moment, I retired. The wife and I...
  14. JohnT


    Winery moving day yesterday.
  15. JohnT

    My Birthday

    What a birthday I had on Saturday! Started hitting wineries at 11am. Hit a total of four that are only 15 minutes away from the house. Ended up buying a "passport" (coupon for free tastings at 50 participating wineries) that is good for the month of August. Came home to a steak dinner, then...
  16. JohnT

    My latest project

    Continuing on with the home projects, my wife needed a pantry because out kitchen cabinet space is very limited. Built this unit in place and my wife commented on how it looks like the little storage bins we used to have in elementary school. So, to surprise her, I built a black board...
  17. JohnT

    When you know that you are stircrazy...

    Masked wine bottle...
  18. JohnT

    lent 2020

    well, my lent ends on april 5th. the end is in sight! just 8 day left! wooooooo hoooooo! all ready got that first bottle picked out.
  19. JohnT

    Mrs JohnT.

    A number of weeks ago, my wife developed an acute urinary tract infection. While the doc was "under the hood" they discovered a cyst the size of a grapefruit. Surgery is scheduled for Monday. The lord works in mysterious ways. If it were not for the infection, we would not have known...
  20. JohnT

    2020 lent

    Hi folks, it has been a while, so sorry to be away for so long. Yes, this year is the same as all others in that I give up all alcohol for lent. it is day 22 and it amazes me on how simple and easy it has been. I never expected retirement to be such a busy time. I would have bet real...