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  1. lisanordmann

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    I started with 125 lbs of grapes. I pressed right after crush and destemming. They are all in my freezer now.
  2. lisanordmann

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    So for a 6 gallon Syrah kit wine how much pumuce should I add?
  3. lisanordmann

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Interesting about adding the pomace to a wine kit. I have a VineCo Syrah that I will be adding Chambourin pumice to. I am just not sure how much to add. I made a Chambourin Rose’ and have the leftover seeds and skins not much pulp.
  4. lisanordmann

    Peach Wine

    Thank you for the info. Should I add any water?
  5. lisanordmann

    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    Thank you for that advice. I have decided to just do a peach wine.
  6. lisanordmann

    Peach Wine

    I just purchased 25 lbs of peaches. They are in greaT condition and very soft. I am cutting them up and freezing them. Should I add acid blend and pectic enzyme to the peaches prior to fermentation? Also, can I ferment them as a white wine with nutrients of opt white and fermaid O? I was going...
  7. lisanordmann

    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    I purchased 25 lbs of ripe peaches. They taste delicious! I was going to make 5 gallons of peach wine. I am cutting them and freezing them. As suggested I will add acid blend and pectic enzymes and then freeze. My question is how much water should I add to make a full flavor peach wine. Also...
  8. lisanordmann

    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    I am getting ready to start my 3rd Sauvignon Blanc wine kit. The last 2 I fermented at room temperature (68). The final wines on those 2 kits have very little aroma and flavor. For this kit I want to try to ferment at 55 degrees, hoping for a longer ferment to bring out flavor and aroma. I am...
  9. lisanordmann

    WineXpert Fwk verse winexpert

    I am located in the St. Louis area. We meet the 3rd Thursday of the month. You can check us out at
  10. lisanordmann

    Leaking stave

    I also have a leaky barrel. It is leaking at the head. Not sure how to correct it. It is a Vadai 5.3 gallon barrel and they are not responding to my many requests for help.
  11. lisanordmann

    Premptive fining

    I am preemptive fining on my Chardonel and Seyval Blanc. I will be using Polylact and Bentonite which is recommended by More Winemaking. I have my juice clearing at 50 degrees in my wine room. I will be racking off the solids tomorrow and introducing the fining agents. What temperature do I need...
  12. lisanordmann

    Chambourcin wine, next steps, sour taste

    I would not add sorbate to your wine since you put it through mlf. The sorbate will give a geranium taste/smell to your wine. It is very early to think about bottling. I would age it for several more months. It should smooth out with some aging.
  13. lisanordmann

    Clearing Apple vs. Peach?

    I also have 2 - 5 gallon carboys of peach wine not clearing. I only added 1 tsp of pectic enzyme at the beginning of fermentation. I also added bentonite after fermentation which did nothing. On dec 6 i added dual Klear which has had very little impact. I also have 1 gallon that i did not add...
  14. lisanordmann


    I had the exact same thing happen with my chambourcin. I added metabisulphite and suctioned it off. I kept the carboy topped up and it went away. I think it is called yeast film infection.